Mobile phones are not “NOT injurious to health!!”


Mobile phones are not NOT injurious to health

You think that your mobile phones are not injurious to health? Well, you must research on the harmful effects of using a mobile phone before coming to a definite conclusion. Mobile phones which are essentially made for the purpose of c

Mobile phones are a threat to health
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ommunication are creating negative effects, both psychologically and physically among the users, especially the youngsters who are exposed to phones at a very early age.

Why is cell phone unhealthy for the human health?

Mobile Phones are known to emit radio frequency energy which is a form of non-ionizing radiation. Tissues are exposed to this strong form of energy. With the increase in the number of mobile phone users all over the world and the number of phone calls made per day, the length of each call and the amount of time spent on communicating over the phone has significantly increased all across the world. With the change in the substantial demand of the mobile phones, diseases have also spread from one person to the other.

Exposures to ionizing radiation released from the mobile phones are known to be the cause of a deadly disease like cancer. A recent study has also proved that people who frequently use the mobile phone for 50 minutes, the brain’s antenna consumes more glucose than the tissues on the other side of the brain. The researchers also observed that the adverse health effects of this can lead to increase in glucose metabolism which isn’t good for the health.

Mobile Phones and other harmful effects

  • Bright screens and small texts used in the phone create a big strain to the user’s eye. This can be worse if the mobile phone has frequent headaches resulting in the inability to view anything on mobile screen. Symptoms of digital eye strain include frequent irritation in the eye, neck pain, blurred vision, dry eyes and headaches. Check if you have these frequent symptoms or not.
  • Sometimes, mobile addicts are so involved in calling, listening to music or working on the phone that they have given rise to frequent road accidents. The road accidents are a cause worry as it has taken the lives of many innocent individuals. While walking on the road or driving, you must not communicate on the phone. Take care of such safety measures and learn from the case studies which took the lives of many individuals while using the phone on the road.
  • Psychologically, mobile phone creates an addiction where you are totally involved in using your phone, all the time. It can lead to depression and other psychological disease. There are rehabs made for the mobile users. It is very popular in the West. Check if you are prone to such symptoms or not.
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Mobile Phones were essentially made as a means of communication but human beings have taken it to another level by exploiting its usage. Use the technology wisely and avoid the exposure to any such disease born by the usage of mobile phones.


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