Men’s health and Women’s health…Different needs compared

Women and Men's health - Daily Health Tips and Ideas
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There is no denying in the fact that men and women are programmed differently – both physically and mentally. Therefore, the health facilities are also different for a man and for a woman. There are certain kind of medicines, exercises, food items which are good for the body of a man and good for the body of a woman. A very good example of this can be, during the time of pregnancy, a woman’s body demands her to drink lots of fluids which are beneficial for the mother and the child. Hence, it must be kept in mind that the different needs of men and women are to be compared differently and used accordingly for their better well being.

  • Exercise tips: Men and Women strive for different accomplishments while exercising. For example, women want to tone down their weight, whereas men want to stay fit and healthy to work with great energy at work. Therefore, the exercise tips are different too. While men may want to go step ahead and train themselves in the gym to get better muscles, biceps and body to stay fit, women in general, want to stay in shape to look beautiful.
  • Food: It is very easy for women to become overweight. As they hit puberty, the body experiences a sudden change which can make them fat, therefore, the struggle to maintain the body’s shape is more challenging than men. Women must be very cautious in their selection of food and eat items which can help burn the extra fats.
  • Memory: The period of menopause brings lots of changes in women. They tend to have weak memory and there is always a struggle to revive the memory on the right track. Therefore, women must eat almonds on a regular basis to keep the memory sharp. While, memory loss is also a major problem for men and they too must eat almonds to sharpen their memory.
  • Hair Loss: Research proves that men are more prone to suffer from the problem of hair loss as opposed to women. Therefore, to a large degree, men must take less work related stress and meditate well to maintain the calmness of the body and mind. Apart from that, proper massage of the head, clean washing on weekends can help improve the condition of your hair to a large extent.
  • Erectile dysfunction: Men are prone to suffer from the problem of sexual erectile dysfunction. There can be many reasons for the problem. It is highly recommended to seek the help of a proper health specialist for this problem, it can cause other problems in future, especially in relation to becoming a parent in future.
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Men and Women are subjected to suffer from lots of problems in today’s time. Therefore, it is the sole duty of every individual to take care of their health so that they can build a healthy future for themselves, their loved ones and benefit the human society.