Marry someone and be happy- Not the other way round

Marry someone and be happy- Not the other way round

“Marriages are made in Heaven” is a famous proverb. In reality, marriages are either arranged or love based. It is also not true that arranged marriages end in successful life or love marriages fail. It all depends on the mind set of the people and mutual understanding and adopting give and take policy.

It is also true that married couples encounter conflicts and quarrels in their day to day life. However they can be sorted out among themselves or with the help of the elders in the family.

Rewind the past memories that both of you have shared. Discuss about the family reunions and think of some vacations or look at the photos taken at some special events like marriage celebration, birthday celebrations and the like.

Maintain every day chores and rituals like a walk and try to cook together.

Compliment your partner with gifts and small gestures like, helping your partner at the kitchen and other works, will do wonders. Appreciation and approval are powerful messages which will strengthen your relationship. Always look at the good things in your partner and do not pin point the mistakes.

Exchange your views with your better half and give importance to the views of each other. Allot time to discuss family issues and find the strong ways of resolving them. Make the plans together. Decorate your home with your partner and you must understand that common goals will be the major cause for your togetherness.

There is nothing wrong in getting angry with your loved one, but maintaining the same for a long time, sometimes days together, will not yield fruitful results.

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In India, married couples are living together for a long period, until the death of one of the partners. Divorce cases are rare in India. In those days, people lived in a joint family and therefore there were people to reconcile the problems between the couples. Those days are gone now and immediately after marriage, the young couple set up their own families and live aloof from elders.

In modern days, husband and wife are both employed and they have to shed their ego that persists among them regarding their status in their offices and at home. Any problem can also be solved and divorce or living the way what they like is not at all the solution. Problems among the couples may arise regarding negligence, superiority complex, sex, insecurity, fear and the like.

No one should be workaholic and the couples must devote time to have a mutual discussion on the family problems and find the ways of sorting out those problems. Keeping mum on all the issues will strain your relationship. Even one of the partners is unemployed; there should not be any ill treatment in this regard.

Meditation and yoga are the best ways of reducing tension and to get relaxation. After all human life is short and therefore let us live in union and set an example for others. Live a happy married life with your loved one and do not live the other way round.