Marital woes can make you fat

Marital woes can make you fat

When you have an issue of depression, getting into quarreling with your partner could result in the increased threat of obesity by a surge in how the high-fat foods are processed by the body, revealed by a new research. These new discovery not just identifies how chronic stressors causes obesity, but also indicates how significant it is to treat the mood disorders. In the research, men and women having a problem of depression and their serious disputes with spouses resulted in different potential metabolic troubles after consuming a high fat meal. They tend to burn few calories and gained high insulin levels and also spikes in the levels of triglyceride, a type of fat present in the blood. The lowered calorie burning in 7 hours following a single meal leads to weight gain of around twelve pounds in a year. Obesity results in an emergence of a minimum of five factors which raises the factors of diabetes and heart disease. The study includes number of healthy couples in the age between 24 and 61 to conduct the research.

It has proven medically that the patients having atypical depression often feel anxious that can rapidly increase the appetite thus causing weight gain. As people having depression often feel desperate about their future, they will frequently ignore their health in different ways, like not taking proper medications to treat chronic condition or not engaging in exercising. Most of these factors cause weight gain. Marital unhappiness, marital problems and body weight were all examined in a survey which had been conducted earlier among married adults. However, the recent survey reveals that even a small fight between couples could cause weight gain, which is one of the serious problems to deal with.

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It has been suspected by the researchers that the increase in the production of inflammatory compounds and stress hormones leads to fat accumulation. Number of men and women has contributed to the research by participating in the study. The investigators of the study had measured and weighed the waist circumference as well as the body mass index of all the participants and also asked them to rate their depression level every 5 years. This study has also supported the recent findings related to marital woes and body weight. Some immune system hormones like inflammatory markers, cytokines and C – reactive protein are correlated positively with depressive state. It can influence the body mass negatively and increases the chronic health conditions like heart disease and diabetes that can make the weight loss much difficult. Thus, any changes in the mood which lasts for number of weeks is something to be deal with health conditions like weight gain, requires the attention of the physician.