Making super awesome Healthy food

Making super awesome Healthy food

Even the most successful cook screws up in the kitchen once in a while. Making the dish delicious is easy these days, but making it healthy is a task. Here are some few mistakes we do every day unknowingly.

Deep frying

Though fried foods are tempting to eat, it is not a good to stay healthy. Deep frying increases the fat content every time you eat them. Especially oils used in restaurants are hydrogenated, which are high in trans-fat.

Keeping aside deep frying, even the process of frying is unhealthy. It takes out healthy nutrients from vegetables like Mushrooms, broccoli.

Discarding water after boiling veggies

Be natural, vegetables contain rich vitamins like B vitamins. While boiling some of the nutrients from vegetables go to the water, and throwing that boiled water is a mistake done by many people. Water-soluble vitamins like B vitamins dissolve in water when vegetables are emerged in water for long time. And loss of vitamins is increased when these boiled items are more exposed to heat and boiling. The only way is to use less water for boiling. So, people who often keep in mind that over boiling as well as deep frying is also harmful for health.


On studying 7000 results, The American Institute of Cancer Research revealed that eating grilled meat is unhealthy. Earlier barbequing is an American thing, but people from outside also addicted to this type of food. Grilling is not just the issue here, meat cooked at high temperature on frying, boiling creates chemicals like Hetero cyclic Amines, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and much more. People have a blind belief that that the food should be cooked until it is brown to avoid bacteria. Barbeque is considered one of the healthiest way unless it goes wrong. The mistake takes place where fat feel on to the hot coal and causes heavy smoke. The resulting smoke contains dangerous carcinogens and also causes respiratory disorders. Instead shift to electronic barbeques to avoid the side-effects.

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Chopping for long time

It is a common mistake that people do not know. We discussed about the boiling vegetables while cooking, keeping them in vacuum for long time also unhealthy. People pre-cut vegetables for next two to three days for not wasting time and energy and refrigerate them. But cooking vegetable right after cutting them is a god idea. They activate enzymes right after they are cut. Those enzymes start converting into much more healthful ones. But let some vegetables rest for 10 minutes after cutting. Cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, garlic, onions falls into the category. Moreover, don’t use vegetable right after taking them out of the refrigerator.

These are some of the unhealthiest ways of cooking and we don’t accept them as mistakes. But we can avoid them and cook in a healthy and nutritious way.


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