Love what you do and Do what you Love

Love what you do

It is natural for a person to aim for a job according to qualifications and when he/she succeeds in his/her attempt, he/she will love the job he/she is entrusted with. Some times, he/she may not be appointed in the job he/she liked or loved, but may get a job completely different from what he/she expected. In this case, the employee will not be fully settled in that job and may dislike to doing at the initial stages. But as time passes by, he/she may fall in love with the job he is assigned and begin to enjoy doing that job with more effectiveness. If he/she is completely distressed with that job, he/she will be hunting for the job, he/she is already in love with it.

But the above expectations are not always possible in this competitive world. A majority of the qualified candidates are doing the jobs, which they never expected or loved. But for those, who are the bread winners of the family, have to cope up with the allotted work and must love the same in due course of time.

If you want to do what you love, then no work will be done or completed in a day. A majority of the people are working for wages alone and there is no question of doing what you love in their cases. They work to support their family and they will work happily, whatever they are assigned and there is no love or need not be a love in this aspect. If he does not do the work assigned to him, he will be the loser of wages.

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At the same time, there are people, who use their creativeness in the field of arts, writing stories, painting pictures and the like. They will definitely love what they do and not all artisans will get regular work and solid pay and in this juncture, they are forced to do the job, towards which they do not have love at all. For instance, there are teachers working in private schools and getting low salaries as against the highly paid teachers in Government schools. Can you expect then to love their work they do? Similarly, in India, engineering graduates are appointed as clerks in Government services and in banks. They perform the job to which they have no connection at all.

It will be hard for the above employees to love their jobs. But, no other go. At a later stage, they have to develop love towards the jobs they perform and that too keeping in mind their future promotions and other aspects. Suppose you set up a garden at your home, as gardening may be your love subject. You can do wonders in shaping your garden, as it is a lovable job for you.

As a conclusion, even when the people are appointed on the jobs, which they do not love, must later develop interest in that job and must be sincere and provide dedicated services and they must inculcate the habit of love what they do.