Laughter healed more people than medicines, if that’s what Actor Robin Williams believed

Robin Williams Laughing
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As an actor, he became a source of inspiration for millions of fans across the globe. Actor Robin Williams tragic death due to depression has left many of fans across the globe about the lurking sadness of a star who is ironically known to be a famous comic actor.Nevertheless, if we are to take inspiration from the words of Robin Williams, we would find that he inspired his fans to laugh away and take life lightly.

Psychologists say that the kind of humour used can be a cause of a disease like depression. In fact, a certain style of humour can be a symptom of a wide, untreated disease which can kill a person.

Researchers have found four different kinds of humour: Affiative : Social bonds are tightened with a friendly banter, Self-Enhancing: Taking life lightly by laughing at the issues of life in an attempt to overcome them, Aggressive: Laughing at other’s weak points, Self – Defeating: Self-Depreciating kind of laughter. Several researchers have found out that the last kind of laughter to be the cause of a deadly disease like depression.

According to a famous paper, “The self-defeating style of humour appears to be pernicious, as it associates with the increase symptom for depression, feelings of anxiety and neuroticism. Researchers have also found that this kind of humour leads to suicidal thinking. Increase in the level of loneliness and shyness can decrease the self-esteem of the person and social intimacy have lead to an increase in the self-defeating manner of humour. Although, this style of humour is motivated by the interest to increase social bonds, it may actually result in alienating one person from the other, thus, resulting in depression and extreme level of loneliness.

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Williams was a versatile comedian: His style of humour ranged from biting to poetic. Yet there was a continuous streak of self-deprecation running through his comedy shows and interviews. He also had a long struggle with cocaine and later with alcohol and his rehab stories were continuously reported in the media. It was after his death, however, that publicist revealed he was diagnosed with severe level of depression. The actor was known to be struggling with bipolar disorder for years, but he never discussed about being treated for it and the depression ultimately grew stronger and took away his life.

Depression is a very serious disease which can lead a person to commit suicide. If you know someone with symptoms of depression, try and talk to the person. Do not leave the person alone as he/she may develop negative thoughts which can make him/her take severe steps in life. Depression can happen to anyone. It is also suggested that the person reads on developing anti-depressive symptoms in life. Food can help a lot. Music can help. Meditation can help maintain the rhythm of the body. Inspiring words can change the outlook of the person towards life. Above all, depression can be healed only when the depressed person is given the time and space to heal.