This Kitchen Ingredient Will Help You Loose Weight Quickly


This is an ingredient that you can easily find in your kitchen. We use this almost in every Indian recipe. Clove is that magical ingredient that help you Loose Weight Quickly. This all natural ingredient is good for health and has no harm. Many ayurveda products has clove in them. Let’s see how clove works wonder to Loose Weight Quickly.

How Clove Works Wonders?This Kitchen Ingredient Will Help You Loose Weight QuicklyClove is an amazing ingredient that is used in almost all Indian dishes and Ayurveda products. Apart from being an ingredient in delicious dishes it is also helpful in loosing weight.  It helps reduce the cholesterol, glucose levels and plasma as it is high  in anti-lipid properties and anti-Cholestyramine.

This is How You can Consume?

This Kitchen Ingredient Will Help You Loose Weight QuicklyHere are some of the best ways to consume clove to reduce weight:

Take following ingredients:

  • 50 gms cinnamon
  • 50 gms cumin seed
  • 50 gms clove

Mix all the above ingredients and roast them till you get aroma. Grind it and keep it in an airtight jar for about a week. Take a spoon full of mix and boil it in a glass of water. once it is boiled, let it cool. Strain the mixture, add honey to the boiled water. Take this water every morning empty stomach. This will help reduce the weight.

SOME OTHER BENEFITS OF CLOVES:This Kitchen Ingredient Will Help You Loose Weight Quickly

  • Add clove to your tea. It will give a good taste and will cure cold, flu and respiratory diseases.
  • This also acts as chemical free air freshener. Keep cloves on the dry spots of your home. This will eliminate any odour in house.
  • You can use this for stubborn acne by adding it to your facemask. It is a natural antiseptic and maintains pH level of your skin.
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These were some amazing facts and benefits of cloves that will help you loose weight and burn fat naturally without any side effects.