Is your kitchen clean?

like clean kitchen?

Being neat and clean is one of the most effective ways to protect ourselves from germs. Basic habits such as washing hands and flossing our teeth help us to keep away from viruses. But do you know that kitchen place should also be kept neat. We being unclean also trouble others and it results in discriminating from our social contacts.

Kitchen is said to be center of the home and unfortunately it gets dirty very quick. Kitchen cleanliness is also as important as personal hygiene to stay healthy.

Folks! Don’t postpone to clean the kitchen space to the weekends, just spend a few minutes in your daily schedule for your kitchen platform to make it clean. Keeping your kitchen spick-and-span does not just concern about the look but also person who cooks also get peace of mind while preparing food.

Clean sponges

According to the study, scientists say three out of four kitchen sponges are tested positive for bad bacteria. Wash them every time you use and if possible run them through a dry cycle.


Cleaning fridge is also one of the important things. Pull out each rack and drawers which are removable and wash them with hot water and detergent. You can also go ahead by dipping racks in white vinegar and table spoon of warm water solution. Now, scrub the entire outside part and wiping spill-overs, it reduces food contamination. If your fridge smells bad after cleaning, then put a few drops of vanilla extract on a cotton ball and place it in the fridge for 24 hours.

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But do remember that you never mix bleach with ammonia to clean products.

Kitchen sink

Why kitchen sink sanitation is more important than any other thing? Because when we clean veggies or meat, the pesticides run down into sink and stay there for longer time. Of course, using bleach is an immediate thought of cleaning it and also the easiest way. Besides this, pouring boiling water and little anti-bacterial soap into the hole to kill the bacteria also helps. People who are not using dishwashers should remember that dishes should be washed at least 110 degrees Fahrenheit to kill the bacteria hidden in the sink hole.

People prefer good ambiance of a restaurant these days. More money charged for good ambiance. But besides that, people should check the cleanliness of the food in the restaurant. Not only the kitchen space, but the restrooms, employee areas and their dress also mark the tidiness of the restaurants.

I tried these techniques; you also start using these methods to keep your kitchen spic and span.


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