Key to a Balanced Mind


The term “balanced mind” gets thrown around a lot these days, more so with annoying lack of accuracy. A balanced mind is a vague term: given the contemporary definition it spells soundness of mind, presence of good judgmental capabilities, and a ‘right set’ of priorities. If anything, that definition underlines more how vague the phrase is. Balanced mind also refers to fine tuning one’s mind to prioritizing better, exercising logic and reasoning, finding the right direction to one’s priorities and connecting with like-minded individuals for mutual progress, among others. The keys to a balanced life can be diversified into external and internal balance. The external balance demands:Key to a Balanced Mind

  • Proper communication at work place and with society: If anything then half the problems in the world arise out of lack of proper communication. It is imperative that we voice our opinion in the most balanced way possible, choose the correct tone and word and voice them solely to prove our side, and not as a tool to show the other’s opinions in a poor mock-worthy light.
  • Family matters: Set aside time for your loved ones, it goes to show them that you care. Take interest in their lives and show concern for the matters in their heart. When the time comes, your efforts will reap their benefits when your family reciprocates in kind.
  • Hobbies and passion: No one can survive in a life process model where the only things that should be attended are work and duties. Hobbies and passion must also be attended as they are an artistic manifestation of our own musings.
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The internal balance demands:

  • Mind matters: The internal balance is proportionately several times more important than the external balance even if the latter is still affordable to be experimented with. Balancing one’s mind has to be an activity that demands a lot of positive thinking, optimism, drive to move ahead and learn from erstwhile shortcomings.
  • Take heart: Take genuine interest in matters, be it of the mind or the one which is practical. Build bridges to cover the gaps in your confidence, be more candid about the issues that concern you and eventually it should be the stepping stone you need to balance your mind and take a sound decision. Also, it becomes imperative that a balanced person should also be able to reap what he sows: The amount of concern showed will be the amount of concern reciprocated.
  • Health is wealth: It goes without saying that our health is a manifestation of the functioning of our body. Which is why, it is also imperative that we ensure the equilibrium that needs to be sustained in order for a regular person to be a healthy person. Health just does not come from stocking up on nutrients, health also has to do with that of the mind. Proper rest and a well set life directive can help anyone attain full health.

Attaining a balanced mind may be difficult but with the right tools and valid directions not unattainable either.