Keep your kidneys clean and healthy

Keep your kidneys clean and healthy-HealthIdeas-Tips

Kidneys play a vital role in the regulations and functions of the body. Our body is 60% of water where there is water in the cells, the organs, the bloodstream. The kidneys perform the task of controlling the acidic balance of the body. The kidneys produce about two liters of urine every day, apart from releasing toxic elements like mercury, cadmium, lead etc on an everyday basis. They also maintain the task of regulating the blood pressure and electrolyte balance of the body. With such vital tasks given to the kidney, it becomes our duty to keep it clean and healthy.

How to identify if something is wrong with the Kidneys?

Symptoms such as deep wrinkles around the eyes, dark or whitish color under the eyes denote that something is wrong with your kidneys. Other signs include if you have chronic pain in the lower back, swelling of feet and legs, constant anxiety or fear. High blood pressure, kidney stones, low backache, cysts or tumor of the urinary tract, foul smelling in urine can all be the cause of the fact that your kidney needs cleansing.

What are the effects of Kidney cleansing?

Cleansing of the Kidney, help remove the toxic elements present in the system such mercury, lead. The cleansing of the system help regulate the blood pressure and the bladder performs better. It improves the performance of the kidney which leads to the washing of the stones, prevention of repeated infection. The normal functioning of the kidneys is indicated by the normal smelling of the urine.

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Here are some of the vital tips that you can undertake to keep your kidneys clean and healthy.

  • Drink lots of water: This is the basic and simplest thing you can do to keep the kidneys healthy. Dehydration can increase the chance of problems existing in the kidneys by 20%. Incorporate a lifestyle where you are drinking water as much as possible – in the car, in your home, workplace and other areas. You will see that the body is functioning well.
  • Drink Milk: Check your blood pressure and drink one glass of milk per day. The calcium in your milk can lower the risk of blood pressure by 25%.
  • Reduce the intake of Salt: Regular diets which are high in salt can increase the risk of kidney stone, since extra salt in your diet induces calcium in the kidneys,rather than into the bones where it exactly supposed to be. Try depending less on processed food and substitute it by including natural herbs as a food topping rather than table salt.

Prevention is always better than the cure. While, it is true that we take everyday care of our system so that we do not fall prey to diseases which can threaten our life. Lack of proper lifestyle which results from eating incorrect food items, drinking less water and living in anxiety can increase the chance of kidney failure. Live well and eat well – keep your kidneys healthy and satisfied.