How to keep migraine away?

How to keep migraine away?

A lot many people in the population suffer from the migraine attack. It causes severe headache which becomes unbearable at times.  Some of the noticeable symptoms include: Dizziness, Nausea,Vomiting and Sensitivity to sound and light which is accompanied by severe headaches. You can catch the migraine before it takes a severe toll on your brain. Here are some of the ways in which you can identify migraine triggers.

  • Avoid the exposure to loud noises and bright lights: Flashy lights, Loud noises trigger the migraine attack. Some of the commonly known environmental condition such as driving at night, visiting clubs which has flashy lights, cinema halls with loud noises which can cause migraine. Take a break from television and computer screens to give rest to your eyes. Try to avoid the link with an audio visual medium in case a trigger arises. Washing your face or eyes can also help you cool down.
  • Select your food carefully: Certain food items such as red wine, dark colored alcohol, sweets and cheese can trigger headaches. Know which food item can trigger the risk of a headache and avoid them. Food and drinks which  have caffeine can cause triggers, so try consuming them in a minimal amount for the betterment of your health.
  • Take proper health supplements: Taking certain herbs and minerals can keep the migraine away. It has been researched that the deficiency in magnesium can lead to the onset of migraine. Talk to the doctor about taking herbal remedy and other non-prescription  supplements which can help your symptoms.
  • Sleep well: Sleeping well can help your mind remain in a state of calmness. It will lead to less stress and reduce the possibility of suffering from a headache. The mind must get into the habit of developing a sleep pattern, the lack of which can result in frequent triggers of headaches.
  • Regular exercise: Exercise can make you stay physically fit and when one is physically fit the chances of suffering from headache is considerably reduced.
  • Do not kill hunger: Eat on time and do not stay hungry for long. Dehydration and hunger can increase the risk of suffering from severe headache. Eat on time and drink regular water to stay energized.
  • Kill stress: If you are suffering from any stress, snap out of it by practicing meditation or listen to music. Do any activity which can take your stress away and invite peace and harmony in your life. One of the chief causes of suffering from migraine is the stress that triggers and form severe headache. Work upon on not harming the body due to stress otherwise migraine attack can make it worse.
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