Jump start your Mornings

Jump start your Morning:
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Your bed is comfortable and you are having a nice sleep. Ever one knows how difficult it is to get up from a good sleep and jumpstart the morning. However, in view of the health benefits, it gives, you have to get up early in the morning and jumpstart your morning.

If you are not in good moods to get up early in the morning, play the music you prefer and your feet will start moving. As your alarm rings, put it off and relax in your bed for a few minutes and then get up. These few minutes will give enough time to adjust your self to start the routine of the morning in a good mood. You can do some thing different as soon as you get up. For example, you can comb your hair and shape it to different styles. These are all just for fun to get you back in good moods.

As soon as you get up, follow your consistent exercise regime and start the routine exercises to get the required energy to attend to the day’s affairs. As you perform your exercises, your stamina will improve a lot. Morning exercises will boost your body metabolism. Besides routine exercises, you can go for jogging and biking for a while.

As far as healthy breakfast is concerned, you have to take some protein rich foods like bacon and eggs, as you should not refuse the nutritional requirements of your body. This breakfast will provide you the necessary energy at your workplace. In the morning, you can also take some vitamin B 12 to help increase your energy levels and increase the production of red cells. A multivitamin tablet can also improve your overall well being. Healthy breakfast will also add value in your weight loss programs.

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Get up in the morning with positive thoughts. Do not think that this day is going to be a dull and rotten day for you. Always wish for a good day. As soon as you get up, go round for a small walk outside your house and this will try to calm your mind, if you feel any frustration. Before going out for the day to join with your routine work, think and acknowledge all the good things in your life so far and this will give you a good beginning of the day.

Get up early in the morning and stretch your entire body, as this is surely a healthy way to jumpstart your morning. This will help to rejuvenate your tired muscles, increase blood circulation and improve the flexibility of your body. Stretch your body from the soles of your feet to the tips of your fingertips and hold in the same position for a moment or two and start the day.


You have to start the morning with a prayer to your favourite God. This practice will develop discipline in you. Pray the God to shower his blessings on you and the day will start in a bright note for you. Find a quiet place in your house and relax for a while. Then start the day and rush to your workplace or to the business spot.