An Introduction To Reflexology And Three Things To Keep In Mind About It

An Introduction To Reflexology And Three Things To Keep In Mind About It
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The idea behind Reflexology may seem like a page out of a magic book, but it actually works. Reflexology is the way of treating various pains in body by tapping certain points in the feet.

It works because many veins related to different parts of our body end into the feet – so when we tap them in a particular manner, a physical change takes place throughout the nerve that’s being tapped. That physical change, which may be anything from release of tension to improvement of blood circulation, provides relief from pain in various parts of body.

This alternative form of treatment is in practice from immemorial time and sources suggest that its origin dates back to 2450 B.C. Several people in different parts of world have been using it successfully for centuries. In United States this form of treatment was introduced in 1900s.

Today it’s quite easy to see practitioners giving reflexology therapies to people visiting various spa’s and massage centers.

However, regardless of Reflexology’s acceptance as a great alternative treatment system, it’s quite important to remember a few things about it:
1. An experienced therapist is necessary: Our body has thousands of nerves ending some wherein the feet. These nerve endings tend to be very sensitive and receptive. If stimulated properly, these endings relieve the pain occurring in various parts of our body. Reflexology leaves our body refreshed, filled with energy and makes us feel free from various types of pain in little-to-no time.

However,finding genuine therapists having enough experience with this technique is crucial for proper diagnosis of pain. Reflexology requires usage of various fingers, thumbs and pointed tools in a proper manner to cure the pain. Needless to say that all these things require knowledge and expertise, both of which obviously come after experience.
2. Your doctor can’t tell the effectiveness of this treatment: Modern allopathic doctors neither accept nor deny the efficiency of this treatment for one single reason – there isn’t any empirical study to prove the effectiveness of this method. Trust factor also plays an important role here – doctors trust the effectiveness of medicines more than the effectiveness of this alternative treatment method. But patients all over the world are seeing amazing results with this treatment system.

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3. It requires patience:Reflexology, like any other form of ancient medicine, takes long time to cure the pain permanently unlike modern medicine.You may start feeling temporary relief quickly, but permanent relief comes after multiple sessions. It can cure anything from joint pain to migraines – but it requires time. Reflexology therapists advise a patient to simply change his/her lifestyle and appear for multiple sessions until the ailment is cured.

They don’t suggest any pain killer or chemical usage which may cause side effects. They aim at finding the root cause of the pain and eliminating it completely from the life of patient rather than giving medicine to subside the pain for time being.

Any person interested in living a healthy, pain-free life can try reflexology, if he/she hasenough patience to go through its slightly demanding requirements. Try reflexology today and start your journey towards a refreshed and pain-free life!