Importance of Heart health on World Heart Day 2020


During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, it’s extremely important to take care of 2Hs where the first H refers to Health and the next H precisely Heart. Accordingly, World Heart Day 2020 comes with more significance this year than ever before.

Well, talking about the facts, Cardiovascular disease, which is also known as Heart disease in layman’s terms, is #1 cause of death across the world. COVID for Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) patients, occurs as a double-edged threat. As they are more prone to get COVID virus, as well as their CVD, can also cause other issues for them. Undoubtedly, World Health Day spreads awareness about CVD among people.

Therefore, on World Heart Day 2020, we would like to share why Heart Health is important.

Before getting started with this, we would like you to do one simple task. Will you?

Let’s see what you have to do.

Thank you, Dear Heart

You have to just say thank you to your heart. Why?

It is for the hard work that our heart does for us -without any break, to keep us alive.

Isn’t it more important than anything?

So, what about saying thank you to your heart on World Heart Day 2020. And why only on this day, but every day.

Now we will talk about the importance of heart health

It is essential to maintain a healthy heart for some great reasons. Firstly, to keep your heart working at its optimum health. Because a disease-free heart is equal to a disease-free body and subsequently a healthy heart, body and mind on World Heart Day 2020.

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Thereafter, here are a few more reasons that make heart health important.

To stay safe from COVID-19

Patients of CVD have more risk of COVID-19 and its ill effects.

Further, as it is a NOVEL virus hence, we don’t even know about what all harm it can cause to a person. Thus, it becomes crucial to take a note on your heart health, without any doubt.

To maintain Cholesterol and BP levels

High Cholesterol level increases the risk of developing CVD and other threatening diseases. And as we mentioned above, that CVD is a major cause of death worldwide. Therefore, one needs to maintain a healthy heart.

To reduce feeling depressed

An unhealthy heart will lead you to anxiety and distress, due to your health conditions. This often results in depression in the case of CVD patients.

After considering these things, we will recommend you to make a conscious effort of maintaining your heart health and making it a priority in your life on World Heart Day 2020 forever.

Let’s celebrate World Heart Day 2020 with a healthy heart!