Importance of Healthy Muscles and Four Things That Help In Maintaining Their Health

Importance of Healthy Muscles and Four Things That Help In Maintaining Their Health
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The importance of muscle system in human body can’t be ignored. It helps our body in a wide range of activities like locomotion, maintaining posture& balance, breathing and digestion of food. Apart from these daily activities it also helps in several other activities that we can’t see or feel but are crucial for proper functioning of our body. For example:

• Cardiac muscle, a muscle linked toheart, the most important part of our body, functions in form of an involuntary striatedmuscle to maintain the flow of blood throughout the body.
• Our skeletal muscle system, whichconsists of 650 muscles, helpsin regulating movement, posture, support system and heat of our body. Unlike our heart, it’sa voluntary muscle group.
• Smooth muscle groups found in our body help in regulating involuntary contractions of our organs, which helps themin functioning properly.
That said, it’s insanely important to maintain the health of our muscle system. And when it comes to taking care of muscles, a few things tend to do the job in a better way. In this article we’re going to focus particularly on those things.

No matter what people say, every food, if taken in proper quantities, helps in development and functioning of muscles. Overeating and obesity have never helped anyone. Given below are some crucial elements for development and functioning of muscles and some of their respective sources:

1. Carbohydrates: Carbs are crucial for our muscles because they provide the much needed energy for functioning of muscles. They also help in development of muscle system. Foods like pasta and bread are two great sources of carbohydrates that anyone can involve in his/her diet.
2. Calcium:This mineral helps in improving muscle functioning, muscle contraction, improves the potential of our heart and also serves as a neurotransmitter. Milk and all other dairy products are obviously the biggest sources of calcium,but it’s also found in citrus fruits, sardine, salmon and broccoli.
3. Protein:The role of protein in building and repairing muscle tissue is significant. Apart from that proteins also help in proper functioning of muscles by providing the required energy for muscle contraction.Proteins are found particularly in eggs, soyabeans, seeds, nuts and dark greens.
4. Exercise: Apart from proper nutrition, regular exercising is another thing that strengthens our

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muscles,helpsindevelopment of mussle tissues, ensures proper functioning of muscles and prevents injuries. Strong muscles and skeletal system is the firm base for health and enduranceof our body.

However, before making any of the aforementioned things a part of your daily life make sure that you know enough about the anatomy of your body and proper ways of exercising. Improper integration of any of these things may fire back on your health. Once you’re aware of your body structure and proper exercising techniques you can start integrating the required things in your life for a healthy life!