I love coffee because it is healthy…What’s your reason? :-)

I love coffee...you?

This is one of my favorite topics to write. Coffee!! I just love it and make me feel happy.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks of the world. And I think my day is not complete without drinking coffee in the morning. Coffee has a very interesting history; people have been consuming coffee for past 600 years.

It’s relaxing.

Being relaxed, itself is the sign for good health. And moreover, more relaxation comes when you enjoy it more for the ritual and taste. I personally like brewing up a cup of filtered coffee by sitting with a newspaper in the lawns, or grabbing a book. It always energizes me than relaxing.

Caffeine is good for health  

Many studies prove that two cups of coffee everyday may prevent diseases like heart strokes, cancers, lowers risk of Parkinson’s and dementia and also boost our concentration and memory. The reason behind this strong argument is so- called coffee beans are seeds. These seeds contain protective compounds. Though caffeine is a mild stimulant, it has lesser known benefits like reduce high blood pressure, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Burn your fat

Coffee not just makes you to stay healthy, but also it helps you burn the fat. Caffeine is seen in almost every commercial fat burning supplement. According t the studies, drinking coffee can especially increase the burning of fat by 10 percent in obese people and 30 percent in lean people.

Can improve physical performance

The caffeine substance present in the drink stimulates the nervous system. And also Adrenaline levels in the blood. As by breaking the fat cells in the body and releasing into the blood as free fatty acids, it makes them available as fuels.It is not surprising to learn that the physical performance is improved to 12 percent on average. So it is advised to drink a cup of coffee half an hour ahead of workouts.

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Lowers the risk of Parkinson’s

Although we discussed brief about the disease, there is a need to know that caffeine lowers the risk of Parkinson’s. It is the second most common disease after Alzheimer. There is no cure for this except prevention. The compounds present in caffeine beans helps to lower the development of Parkinson’s disease which reduces the risk of 32 percent to 60 percent.

Limit yourself!

Having too much of anything is not a good for anything. Thus, drinking too much coffee also can result in some unpleasant adverse effects. Like, women who prepared for pregnancy should be cautious. Regular consumption may reduce the chances of pregnancy. And drinking too much also reduces your sleep time.

Writing this post made to crave for another cup of my favourite home-made filtered coffee. Can’t wait to grab one because relaxation it gives to me, its aroma and excellent taste.



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