How Yoga Helps In Combating Back Pain

How Yoga Helps In Combating Back Pain

Yoga has become a widely accepted practice for relieving back pain as its benefits have got scientific approval. Today many countries are adopting and praising this new treatment system because of its long-lasting effect. The word ‘Yoga’ has arrived from Sanskrit, the ancient language of India, and it means “Union” in English. It was first adopted and popularized in India.

Yoga not just deals with your body – it deals with the entire breathing system and blood circulation system of body. It has been proven in various studies that it not just serves as a long-lasting treatment for back pain but also improves the capabilities of mind. However, in this article we’ll focus primarily on back-related benefits. Given below is a small description of five major benefits that people receive after doing Yoga:

  • Stretching: Yoga is a combination of several different postures and these postures stretch every muscle of body in a proper manner. This stretching enhances the flexibility of muscles. It also reduces any stress that is running in your muscles, primarily the muscles in your back.
  • Back Strength: The positions of Yoga also help a lot in strengthening each and every muscle of back. Additionally, it also strengthens the abdominal muscles which support the spine and help in maintaining proper posture.
  • Posture and Balance: Many Yoga postures help you in fine tuning your spine and maintain proper posture while standing and sitting. Many people stand and sit in improper posture which ultimately leads to back pain or even disk slip. Yoga helps in avoiding those improper postures.
  • Mental Strength and Negativity: It’s a widely known fact that negativity and emotional thinking also cause several health issues including back pain in some cases. Mediation and breathing exercises of Yoga help in decreasing the negativity level in any person; which ultimately results in decreased back pain and a cheerful life.
  • Relaxation: Yoga is a combination of breathing and physical movements. This combination is very good for proper relaxation of mind and body, which is crucial for avoiding back pain and various other health issues.
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Just like any other back treatment, you should take the advice of your doctor before starting Yoga (especially if you are a patient of slipped disk). Although Yoga has no side effects, still it may leave some if not done properly. Taking advice of a doctor or professional Yoga trainer is highly recommended before you sit down on your Yoga mat!