How to inspire people to be happy?

Inspire others to be happy

When you are trying to inspire some one to be happy, you must set an example of yourself. You must believe in yourself to begin with. If you want to bring an inspiration to some people and make them feel happy, here are a few tips to be followed.

If you seem fake and insincere, no one will draw inspiration from you to become happy. You must make them believe that you are true to your sayings. You must follow the advice, which you teach others. The best way to be real is to make them believe that it really matters you. You have to be enthusiastic in your attempts to make others happy and throw yourself in what you do.

While inspiring people and in making them happy, do not boost yourself too much. The people are sad due to many reasons and try to cull out the reasons for their sadness and then try to inspire them. Do not say that I have done this or that on earlier occasions and influence on them, instead, narrate your experiences, only when they are warranted.

When you are trying to inspire someone, you have to control yourself and you must be emotionally strong. Your emotions should not be allowed to be passed on to others. If one is not in good moods, he or she may expect someone in self control to make them happy. If you are able to control your moods, how can you make others feel happy?

Some people may be in troubles due to some hurdles. It is your duty to identify those hurdles and inspire them with the solutions and ways, through which the hurdles can be cleared. Ensure that they are surmountable and this only will make them to gain confidence in you and finally your task of making them feel happy will be achieved.

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Hear to their problems and make them feel that they are very small problems, which can easily be solved. Compare their problems with those bigger problems that are faced by some other people and make them feel their own problems are simply negligible or solved with ease. They will be convinced and come out of their bad moods and will feel happy, at least on a lesser note.

Giving hope to the people, who are not happy about the happenings, will be of great help. You must make them feel that their struggles are only the steps to taste the success in the final stage. You have to be very careful to cajole them by positive attitude and not by ending with a down note.

Entrust some important work with the people, who are in sad mood and make them realise their real capacity to complete a work with sincerity and dedication. This will help them change mood and retrieve happiness. Ask for some help from them and they will feel their responsibility and turn to happy mood.

There is a saying that to play a comedy role in a film and make the audience feel happy is a difficult job and it is also true in making others feel happy.