Want whiter teeth?…Read how


Do you feel embarrassed of that yellowish stains across your teeth?…Of course yes! Teeth add grace to your face. The reason behind your charming smile is your sparkling teeth.

Have you ever wondered why your teeth witness discoloration? Perhaps, the kind of foods, drinks you consume can bring splotch on your teeth resulting in discoloration. Here is a list of things that enable you to restore your white teeth without spending the almighty dollars on dentists.

How to get whiter teeth-daily health tips
  1. Quit Smoking: This addictive scrap might be a reason behind your relaxation. However, it is the worst outrage for your teeth. Tobacco gives rise to brown blotch that moves deep inside your tooth enamel thereby causing disgrace to your teeth. The proportion of your smoking is directly linked to the stain fortification on to your teeth. Quit smoking in the wake of getting brighter and whiter teeth.
  1. Oral Hygiene Practices: Take good care of your teeth and you will not have any sign of complaints. Follow a pattern of brushing twice in a day. It does not only remove stains and whitening your teeth but also your gum line. It will be better to gargle after every meal to remove the stuck food items from your teeth.
  1. Maintain Routinely Check-Up: Whatsoever precautions you undertake for your teeth, it is imperative to visit your dentist thrice in a year for regular check ups and get the whitening polish done on your teeth. The quantum of your visits vary with the consumption of your stain causing vittles.
  1. Take Tooth Cleansing Action At Home: Home remedies whiten your teeth naturally. All you need to do is apply blend baking soda with lemon juice and form a paste. Apply on your teeth and brush gently in circular directions. Additionally, juicy fruits like apples, strawberries, pears while chewing have the tendency to drive loads of saliva across your teeth, rinsing the trash on your teeth.
  1. Whitening Toothpaste: Whitening toothpaste can help a great deal in removing your stains off the teeth. These toothpastes have some enzymes or cleaning agents that help your teeth regain the lost glory. The natural color of your teeth remains intact.
  1. Tooth Whitening Strips: Get entitled to flawless and stainless teeth by wearing these tooth whitening strips daily for few minutes lasting up to a week. You will notice diminishing discoloration of your teeth. The strips are real sleek glazed with whitening gel namely peroxide. Just few minutes of application do wonders on your teeth.
  1. Coconut Oil Rinse: Unbelievable but true! Coconut oil rich in lauric acid helps in lighting the shades of teeth. Rinsing with coconut oil removes the germs hidden in your plaque, which is the most significant reason of your teeth discoloration. It reinvigorates your breath and keeps your gum sturdy.
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