How to detect cancer at an early stage

How to detect cancer at an early stage
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There are early signs and symptoms of diseases that one must be familiar with. If the signs and symptoms are understood by people at large, chances of recovery from disease is more before it turns fatal.  Here are some of the early signs and symptoms that contribute towards the development of a disease like cancer, which further advances to a stage from where recovery is very difficult. Educate yourself  on Cancer and know it’s early signs and symptoms:

  • Difficulty in taking a pee: As age advances, men tend to have problems when they pee: The need to pee, especially at night, Dribbing, leaking or an urgent need to go, trouble in peeing. Visit your doctor to see the early signs and symptoms of the disease.  He may ask you to take a blood test for prostate cancer.
  • Changes in the testicles: If you notice changes in your testicle such as heaviness,lump or any other changes in the testicles then you must not delay it and immediately visit a doctor. Unlike Prostrate cancer, testicular cancer can take place over a night. The doctor will examine the disease by taking a blood test,physical exam and an ultrasound of your scrotum.
  • Blood in your stool: This can be among the early signs of cancer in the bladder, colon or kidneys.It is suggested to visit a doctor if you witness a bleeding that’s not healthy,even if you do not have any other symptoms. Although, there are chances that you are likely to have other disease such as urinary infection,hermorrhoids or others – but it is important to know the cause of the bleeding and find a suitable cure for the same.
  • Changes in the Skin: When you see changes in the shape,size or color of your mole , you can see the doctor as soon as possible. Spots that are new or look very different are some of the early signs of cancer.  The doctor will examine the skin by taking a small test.
  • Difficulty in swallowing: Some people have difficulty in swallowing from time to time. But if you are still finding it difficult to swallow or your body is experiencing a sudden weight loss or vomiting, your doctors may want to check for stomach or throat cancer.
  • Mouth Changes: If you smoke or chew tobacco, you are at the higher risk of developing mouth cancer. Keep an eye for red or white patches inside your mouth or on your lips. Discuss the issue with the dentist about the tests and treatment for the same.
  • Sudden weight loss: Sudden weight loss without even trying isn’t normal? While, this can attribute to the development of many diseases but may also be a risk of thyroid problem which is taking a toll.  Visit your doctor to discuss on the issue.
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These are some of the early signs and symptoms to detect cancer at an early age. Apart from that, healthy lifestyle can change a lot of things about cancer.