How to be happy when you are sad?

How to be happy when you are sad?

Every one will face the occasion in his/her life to feel sad and the basic reasons for sadness may range from failure in examinations, failure in getting the right appointment, death of the beloved and the like. It is also not easy to recover from the sadness and you have to make the people to feel happy, who are sad at present. The man or woman, who is sad, can recover from that mood slowly by following the below given steps and the people around him/her can also help change the mood.

Forget and push aside the thoughts that make you feel sad at present and focus on the present event and think about the happenings around you. You can also help the needy and in this way, you can, at least temporarily put aside your sad feelings. In fact, helping other will make you happy instead. Do something fun or watch some funny and comedy videos which will cheer up you and stop you from ruminating too much.

Get up from the sad mood, take a fresh bath and beautify yourself with the help of some cosmetics. When you feel pretty, you may look less sad. It is common for every one to face disappointments and losses. At this juncture, you talk to some one who is close to you such as your life partner, friend, your teacher, god father and your well wishers. You can also go for a counselling to be given by trained people and get rid of sad mood.

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Divert your attention by drawing a picture. For this purpose, you need not be a trained artist and draw the picture of your capability and this is only to change your mood. When you are sad, do not try to hurt the feelings of others as the matter will become worse. Rewind your thoughts and find out when and where you felt happy and if possible visit that place again. It may be a music concert or a museum or a zoo or even a play ground to watch children playing. If you can handle any musical instrument, play it under a calm atmosphere.

Do not sit in your house feeling sad and go for outing and breathe fresh air. You can also go far a walk or jogging or swimming. You can also perform workouts at a gym and change your mood. Go to a theater and watch comedy films and laugh. Laughter will give you great relief and help come out of your sadness.

Visit an orphanage for the whole day and feed them with delicious foods and present them with useful gifts. Or else, you can visit an old age home and help the inmates. Or else, visit a hospital and offer to pray for the speedy recovery of the patients, who are ailing there for a long time.

It is natural for any one to become sad, but it is wise to recover from the sad mood as early as possible, as you have to pull along the life for the remaining period of your life.