How The COVID-19 Pandemic Changed Our Eating Habits?


The pandemic has brought with itself a plethora of changes. How the pandemic changed our eating habits is just a small part of it. Many facets, ranging from personal choices, allergies, accessibility and affordability of food govern our eating habits.  With the implementation of the lockdown, life has slowed down for most of us. This has brought forth many changes to our eating habits.

Changes in our eating habits:


Different individuals react differently to the same situation. For a few, the lockdown has been a genuine struggle, and many have resorted to eating as a stress buster. Moreover, restricted access to shopping for food has prompted the decrease in the intake of fresh nourishments, like, vegetables, fruits, meat and fish. These essentials have been replaced by processed food, like- potato chips, cookies, instant noodles, etc. which in general are high in fats, sugars, and salt. Overindulging in junk food has resulted in many individuals gaining weight and feeling sluggish all day round.

Besides, constant exposure to the news of COVID-19 flare-up has an added ill effect on our eating habits. The continual presence of negative feelings can prompt one to overindulge. Furthermore, the feelings of uncertainty and weariness, emerge from remaining at home for an all-encompassing period. They are regularly identified with gorging food as a way to get away from dreariness.

Healthy Regime

On the other hand, the lockdown has also given people a chance to concentrate on their eating regimens, to analyze their food chart and try out new and healthier recipes. The limitation of time in our daily lives before the pandemic be it for travelling, working overtime or exercising, had regularly influenced the kind of food we ate. As more and more people are stuck at home, the abundance of time is allowing them to rethink their eating habits and bring about much-needed reforms.

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Likewise, less opportunity to eat out has encouraged individuals to try out home-cooking. Although takeaways stayed accessible all through lockdown, numerous people decided not to order them as home cooking is not only a healthier option but also an enjoyable pastime.

Concluding Remarks

There is no denying the fact that the pandemic has had a profound influence on our eating habits. However, we must maintain a healthy lifestyle despite the restriction in outdoor activities. We should not overindulge and maintain a healthy diet with proper nutritional intake.

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