Healthy Spinach Soup #HealthyFoodRecipes @guestposts

Healthy Spinach Soup #HealthyFoodRecipes @guestposts

Spinach is one of the most wonderful green leafy vegetable often recommended by doctors for its special nutrient value. It is full of nutrients, antioxidants and very good for people who lack iron in body. Even for pregnant ladies, spinach is most recommended vegetable. In fact people who lack hemoglobin in their blood, regular intake of spinach can bring it back to normal. From health perspective it’s very less in calories too. Spinach has calorie value of only 23 calories. It has good amount of fibre in it that’s again one of the essentials for human body.
Generally kids have maximum complaints for eating green leafy vegetables. This can be a best form that can be given to them in order to make them intake the same. Let’s start by making this.
• 2 cups spinach
• Onions (2 cubically chopped)
• Tomatoes (cubically chopped)
• Green Chilies
• Oil(1 tsp)
• Salt
• Coconut grated
• Garlic (Finely grated)
• Pepper powder

In a deep pan, take some water and add onions, tomatoes and green chilies and allow it to boil. Once these three ingredients are boiled well, add properly cleaned and washed spinach leaves to it and allow the spinach leaves also to boil well so that it’s cooked well. Now allow this complete mixture to cool down well and then grind it well in the grinder by adding some stock that was made earlier while boiling the ingredients. Now grind a cup of coconut separately in grinder and take out some coconut milk by squeezing the grated coconut with water. Now add this coconut milk to the palak paste that was grinded earlier and add all of this into a pan and give one boil to it. Heat up slightly.In a separate small pan, take some oil and add garlic to it and sauté it. Add this to the palak soup. This will give some zinc to your palak soup. Now serve it in the serving bowl, add some cream for garnishing.

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For health freaks, you need not add the cream. Soup minus the cream also tastes equally good. This soup is Indian recipe and healthier than other recipes where either thick cream or butter is used which is high in calories. Do try this soup for calorie free diet. You can consume this with some bread sticks for better serving and tasting.