Healthy Bean Capsicum salad #HealthyFoodRecipes @guestposts

Healthy Bean Capsicum salad #HealthyFoodRecipes @guestposts

This recipe is extremely rich in proteins with addition of kidney beans (rajma) and white chick peas (Kabuli chana). Both these ingredients are extremely rich in proteins thus helping everyone to have high intake of proteins. This dish will also be quite filling and thus if you replace this with your dinner or lunch, it’s still good to go as nothing else can be as nutritious as this. This is also a perfect meals pre or post workout. Why have additional protein shake or synthetic form of proteins when you can easily have proteins in salad forms in everyday basis. This can be easily made within fifteen minutes. This dish is easy to make by everyone. Right from children to adults to men, anyone and everyone can make it.

• Kidney beans(1 cup)
• White chick peas(I cup)
• Lemon(1 tbsp)
• Capsicum
• Onion (finely chopped)
• Green chili(finely chopped)
• Coriander(finely chopped)
• Salt
• Chaat masala
• Amchur powder(1 tsp)

Soak Kidney beans and chick beans overnight in water. After soaking for seven hours just boil them in pressure cooker. Once cooled down, add both the ingredients in bowl and add some salt in it. Add finely chopped capsicum and onions. Make sure the quantity of capsicum over onions is more so that you can enjoy the bite of capsicums in every bite you have. Add lemon juice, green chilies to this and toss it up. Now add chaat masala, amchur powder and finely chopped coriander to this. Toss well and drain out the excessive water. Serve in serving bowl garnished with fresh coriander leaves. Your salad is ready to eat.

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This salad is best snack for evening snack or pre or post workout snack. A bowl of salad and a bowl of soup is enough for you to go for the day for a healthy diet. You can have this salad twice or thrice week.Everyday consumption will not be recommended for a simple reason that some people complain about acidity problems if consumed every day. Another way to have this is whenever you make rajma sabzi or so, you can boil some extra beans for salad and keep it aside so that the salad consumption is done frequently. This salad definitely is one of the healthiest form of diet and rich protein intake in it makes it must eat for the health conscious lovers.