Health Myths for Men

Man's health myths

There are various myths surrounding the health-care of men. Not anyone is an expert on health and there are those who claim to delude the health seeker with false ideas of health, hence, resulting in the development of fear and anxiety among men which results in unhealthy ways of living. Here are some of the common myths associated with healthy living.

  • Only Old Men suffer from Prostate Cancer: It is true that men at the age of 65 or older have higher chances of developing the risk of Prostate cancer but even younger men can develop the disease. Based on the erroneous assumption, you can avoid the treatment of the disease if you find signs and symptoms of developing the deadly disease.
  • Shaving causes more hair to grow back again: For some strange reason, this myth has been the talk of many men who refrain from shaving; simply because it can lead to the growth of thick hair growth. There are lots of factors associated with the hair growth and shaving has nothing to do with it. So quit believing this myth, shave and stay clean and hygienic.
  • The primary symptom for heart disease is “chest-pain”: Heart Attack can happen anywhere and at anytime. It isn’t a given fact that only chest-pain will induce the risk of a heart-disease. In fact, heart-attack can result an ache in your jaw or in your arm,and gradually gets better with rest. Shortage of breathing while exercising ,fatigue, problems in sleeping, abnormal blood flow are also some of the main factors which aid in developing the risk of a heart disease.
  • Only Women suffer from breast cancer: It is true that a majority of women suffer from breast cancer,but men do suffer from it and die as well. Even doctors find it difficult in men to identify the risk of cancer prevailing in the chest portion in men. Obesity, Age old and family history are some of the risks associated towards the development of disease. Do consult a wise doctor if you think you may development the risk of the disease.
  • Body-building will make you healthy: Certainly to a certain extent you can get strength from body building, but it is ultimately the correct lifestyle which lead you to a healthy life. Correct intake of food which is in sink with the requirement of the body, exercising, lack of stress, proper sleep and an organized life will help you gain a healthy lifestyle. Body building can only help you develop the muscles and the bones of the body, but there are several other factors which contribute towards a healthy life and they must be looked with great care.
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There are several myths surrounding the health of men. However, it is suggested to read the right material, approach good Doctors and make an effort towards knowing about health. Health is the right wealth. Without the proper knowledge of it, men can be mislead-ed and the result of it can be dreadful.