Health Ideas to Improve Eyesight

Health Ideas to Improve Eyesight

Protecting your eyes is very important to have a good vision as you age in life. While, there can be several reasons that attribute to the development of disease which impact the eyesight, one can always take successive measure to be informed about the cause,symptoms and ways to deal with poor eyesight. To begin with, the simple fact that must be known to the audience is that one of the subtle and easiest ways to protect your eyesight is to have the right kind of food which is suitable for the health of the eye. Here are some of the things you can do to have a strong eye vision:

  • Eat fish twice a week: Eating fish is supposed to be very good for the eye. It protects against the dry eye syndrome.  A research work conducted by the researchers of Harvard University states that eating fish is good for the health of the eye.
  • Cook with red onions instead of yellow one: Red onions are known to contain quercetin, an antioxidant which is known to fight against cataracts.
  • Keep yourself away from the computer/tv screen: One is aware of the fact that the harmful rays generated from the computer or tv screen are not good for the health. Naturally so, if you get used to the habit of working from a closer distance, your vision is going to get weak. Therefore, try to maintain distance from the computer or television screen for the betterment of the eye’s health.
  • Eat spinach: Mixed with garlic or raisins, spinach is good for the health. Spinach has lots of health related benefits, one of which is that the nutrients present in spinach can prevent many age related macular degeneration and cataracts.
  • Go for long walks: Surprised? Well, yes. You can stay fit and healthy and also improve the functioning of your eyes by going for a walk for atleast 4 times in a week. Walking can reduce the overall risk of developing glaucoma ,which sustains the longevity of your vision.
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These are simple and subtle things that you can do on an everyday basis to improve your eye sight. Apart from these, certain habits like quitting smoking, eating fruits or juices , washing your eyes on a regular basis to protect it from getting damaged. Do not put pressure your eyes, use sunglasses and protect it from the harmful radiations.