Health Benefits Of Being Humorous

Health Benefits Of Being Humorous

Being humorous is really a wonderful thing as it refreshes, generates positive emotions, relieves stress, strengthens cohesion and group identity, promotes communication and benefits both giver and receiver. Apart from these considerable benefits, there are also evidences that humor and laughter promote good health. While, humor is regarded as a stimulus, which helps people to laugh as well as feel happy, laughter is a reply to humor, which involves positive psychological and physiological reactions. In the medical field, humor has been utilized not just to enhance the patient’s symptoms yet also to improve the medical education and patient-physician communication. As these two areas are filled with stress, it makes sense when humor may help to ease the tension, which results from sickness or demands of training. So being humorous is considered to be the best medicine.

Benefits you get physically by being humorous:

It can improve your physical and mental health. Both humor and laughter can build up your immune system too strong. Also, it protects you against the detrimental effects of depression and stress. It shrinks your pain and promotes your energy. Furthermore, it changes your thoughts towards problems. Your heart would be fraught with positive attitudes and thereby, lessening your fear and anxiety.

Balance your blood pressure:

People can minimize the risk of getting stroke or heart disease by being humorous. Watch sitcom on TV, ready funny magazines or go out with your friends and take pleasure in laughing.

Diminish stress:

If you are humorous person, you can control the level of stress hormones and hence results in increased immune system performance. It improves mood and relaxes the overall body. More than often, promotes a sense of well being on the whole. Humor triggers the liberation of endorphins, which are chemicals responsible for making your body feel good.

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Improve several systems of your body:

Humor improves several systems of your body, for instance: digestive system. Thus, people would not get sick easily. During laughing, your lungs get opened and ventilates the spirit to mobilize your breathing and voice.

Enhance your social skills:

It is a matter of fact that when you laugh, others also laugh with you but when you cry, you are alone. Because people would not like to stay with those who do not give positive vibes. This means, everyone needs humor in life. Humor connects people and in turn, makes a strong relationship between the one another. In other words, it strengthens their relationships. By this way, your social life will become better.

Become healthy emotionally:

The good feeling, which you get through humor, will last for longer. It helps you to manage the positive attitudes and be optimistic during your bad times. Rest of all, you stop feeling aggressive and angry with others. Instead, you stay focused and achieve more.