Health Benefits of Chocolate

health benefits of chocolate

Chocolates are the weakness of the majority of people. For all those who relish eating lovely chocolates to suit the need of the taste buds, here’s something that you must know. What are the long – term health effects of eating a chocolate? Is it healthy for our diet? Or is it not? To find out the answers to such questions, here’s a feature article on the positive health effect of eating a chocolate. So, next time if someone complains about your chocolate eating habit, you can very well give them the right answers.

  • Chocolate reduces the risk of a stroke: Eating chocolate can considerably reduce the risk of a stroke. This was found in a study conducted by Swedish study that women treated themselves to fewer than 9 grams of the sweet chocolate item. In addition to that, eating chocolate can improve the condition of the heart as it lowers blood pressure, lowers the risk of a heart disease and it contains the inflammation-fighting properities.
  • Chocolate fills your stomach: Eating chocolate can reduce the cravings for sweet,salty and fatty foods which thereby fills you up as a recent study conducted by the University of Copenhagen, suggested that eating dark chocolate is better than milk for giving you the energy and staying healthy.
  • Chocolate may fight Diabetes: Chocolate increases the sensitivity of the insulin which thereby reduces the risk of diabetes. A small Italian study which was conducted in 2005 indicates that the regular eating of chocolates can reduce the risk of having diabetes.
  • Chocolates have antioxidants: Dark chocolate contain large amount of disease fighting flavenoids, which are also found in fruits, vegetables and red wine.  The antioxidant property which is found in chocolates is known to curb a lot of disease.
  • Chocolates are anti-depressants: Chocolates can take away your dull, depressing mood and elevate you to a world of a joy and liveliness. Chocolates are known to be a major anti-depressants and they can heal a lot of depressive symptoms.
  • It lowers cholesterol: A small study conducted at the university of Illinois suggest that the daily consumption of cocoa flavanol containing dark chocolate can improve the blood pressure and also lower the cholesterol.
  • Improves your skin: The compounds which are found in chocolates act as major filters.Chocolate can make your skin attractive and which is why skin specialists recommend their patients to eat dark chocolates.
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There are several health benefits of chocolates. However, having said that, it must also be remembered to not get addicted to eating chocolates. Any addiction is not good for the health. One must also shop for chocolates which are genuinely made by shopping from a shop which is known to sell authentic chocolates. These are some of the health benefits of chocolates and chocolate lovers must eat it accordingly to benefit from the effect of eating chocolates. But excess of eating is not suggested as it will effect the tooth and the digestive system.