Pets and happiness

Pets and happiness
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Some people do not like to have pets in their houses for several reasons. They believe that they will leave the house untidy by dropping hairs every where or the pets may create bad smell all the time and above all, these pets are to be constantly kept under vigilance and periodical health check up is also felt essential.

But, on the persistence of their children, many of the family heads get either a dog or a cat to be grown as a pet of the family. As soon as the tiny dog or cat arrives at the house, the family members will fall in love with the pet. There are several reasons for the change of mind from hatred towards pets to a love.

  • Dogs force you to perform exercises. It is necessary to take a dog for a walk and this creates a good habit of walking in your routine.
  • The dogs are always happy to see each and every member of your family and you have to reciprocate your affection towards the dog and it will definitely bring happiness in you. The dogs would also like to play with you and it would make you to do exercises.
  • The dogs drive away your loneliness. When you are alone in your house, you can talk to the dogs and they will really understand what you say and obey your orders. Is this not a happy situation?
  • Dogs like to snuggle up to you and others to keep warmness, when it is chilly.
  • By maintaining the dogs at home, your children learn to take care of some one. These pets are doubly affectionate to your children and vice-versa.
  • In most of the houses, dogs are treated as babies and this creates a great sensation and love towards others.
  • Dogs also act as a watchman to your home and if any outsider, not known to you, they will easily identify them and warns you of a new entrant to your home. This is how they alert the inmates of a house.
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Similar to dogs, cats are also brought up in homes as pets. You can have many reasons to have a cat as your pet and some of them are as below.

  • A warm kitty is a small, furry space heater during winter.
  • You and your house are protected from cockroaches and mice and other tiny vermin.
  • You need not watch the comics that involve cats as you have the real cat in your presence allowing you to play with it.
  • You will have a companion, namely the tiny cat, to sit on your lap and you need not feel lonely.
  • When you come home in a sad mood, the cat has the capacity to change your mood to happiness.

For the above reasons, people always feel happy in allowing the pets to grow up with their children and these pets will also develop humanity in you by their kind and affectionate approach towards you.