What is happiness?

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Man is a pleasure seeking individual. It is in our very nature to seek happiness and to think for the best of our pursuits in life. However, the question that each individual must ask himself or herself is that what is happiness? Is it the delusional world that we are living in where material comfort of life comprises of happiness? Or is something that is to be pursued beyond the realms of constituted norms of society which everyone thinks is “happiness”.

Time and again, as we grow in life and attain the journey from being young children to growing up as responsible adults, our definition of happiness keeps changing. For a child, happiness is to play in an open field or let the wings of his imagination fly. For a young adult, happiness is to conquer his dreams and achieve success. Whatever, it can be but there are certain things that must be evaluated to choose happiness in life.

Happiness is good health: You can work well, think well and feel well only if your health permits you to do so. Therefore, anything that deters away from your path of staying unhealthy will not benefit you in the long run. Exercise, Meditate to know the everlasting joy of good health and happiness.

Happiness is to be thankful for small things in life:  In our pursuit for bigger and better way to achieve happiness, we take things for granted and forget the art of being thankful for small things in life. To be content with what you have is the wisest form of being happy.

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Happiness is to pursue your goal in life: We all have been born to do something on this earth. Happiness lies in knowing your goal in life and invests your energy into it. Full commitment, passion and faith can make you meet with your objective of life.

Happiness is to help others in need: As we go on attaining the long journey of life, we realize that the ultimate path that leads to happiness is the noble act of showing compassion, kindness and the will to help others in need. Happiness is to gift something to your loved ones; happiness is to contribute something towards building a better society.

Happiness is to cultivate hobbies in life:  Hobbies like gardening, learning a new sport, cooking or travelling can bring about a major change in our personality and can help us give immense joy and happiness.

Happiness is to be in the company of good people:  Good people can help invite positive changes in our life. They help us in difficult times and teach us various lessons of life. It is important to be in a company of good people to achieve happiness. One must develop the instinct of bonding with good people.

Above all, happiness is the act of becoming a good human being. If we are good in our thoughts and action, then happiness is not a destination or journey but a life in itself.