Save your hair, before they are gone!

Hair fall control
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Hair loss is one of the most dreadful words not liked to be heard these days. It is one of the important possessions of women. A healthy and luxurious hair enhances to her. Cutting to the chase, let me give you some natural remedies to get rid of hair fall.


Since, eggs are the most common thing available in the kitchen. They are needed for cooking all the time. Since, 1940, eggs are being used as a natural remedy for hair damage. It is not only cheaper but also effective. Some people use the whole egg composition but advised only to use egg yolk not to get side effects. Applying egg yolk helps as a good conditioner. Mixing egg yolk with lime becomes the best homemade remedy for hair loss. Take yolks separated from white of two eggs. And add three tablespoons of lemon juice to yolks and beat it for a minute. Gentle massage your hair with the mixture and leave it for at least 15 minutes. Use cold water to wash your hair thoroughly before using a cleanser.

Note: Wash your hair with lots of water to remove any sugar present in the lime juice.

Do not use more lemon because it may lead to the white hair.

Aloe vera

It is known that aloe vera is very much used as natural remedy. But how many of us know that it is used for hair treatment. Aloe vera juice is easy to apply to hair and scalp.

Take two separate bowls, melt a quarter cup of coconut oil in one cup. In another, mix half a cup of aloe vera juice and two spoons of olive oil. Remember not to use microwave or stove to melt them down. If so, the natural contents in them go vain. Instead, make the bowls to sit in a hot water container.

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After the preparation process, apply the mixture to each section of your hair from tip to root. Pin each section after applying. Then, unpin each section and apply coconut oil. Don’t forget to pin it again. This may be a time taking process but do it for optimum times for best results. Cover the head with a plastic shower cap for at least 15 minutes. As usually, you can wash your hair with shampoo.

Cayenne pepper

Seriously!Pepper? Yes. Even though it is called as pepper, it is a herb which is high in capsaicin, that simulates hair growth. Cayenne pepper also known as Capsicum Annuum, which help in better circulation, respiratory and digestive system. The process of using cayenne pepper starts this way: Mix the pepper with olive oil and store it for 15 days in a dark bottle. Then spread it over the scalp as oil. And wash it with shampoo. Make a thick paste by adding olive oil to the pepper and apply the area of any balding region also helps you. And wash it thoroughly after 10 to 15 minutes.

Cayenne pepper improves the fullness and glossiness of the hair, olive oil can help to neutralize the heat of cayenne.


Keeping aside these home remedies, you should not be using perfumed hair oils. Everybody will be attracted to it but some scented oils may irritate scalp and leads to hair loss.



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