Global Celebrities with Diabetes

Global Celebrities with Diabetes

Celebrities whose lives are often read and debated about, in the public domain, are a source of inspiration to many. There are those who carry this notion that celebrities are perfect.

Type 2 Diabetes is a very common disease and majority of individuals suffer from it. Even celebrities who take extreme care of their health are not spared from the disease. Here’s a look at some of the global celebrities who suffer with Diabetes:

• Tom Hanks: In 2013, Tom Hanks announced that he had Type 2 Diabetes; it was for years that Hanks had elevated blood sugar level, until it was diagnosed. Despite this, the actor has to undergo frequent physical changes, as per the role of the film. It is certainly inspiring how Tom Hanks maintains his health and his high spirited energy is reflected on-screen.

• Paula Deen: Famous for calorie driven dishes, Chef Celebrity announced that she had type 2 diabetes, in the year of 2012. Experts comment that the dietary overhaul is difficult for the celebrity.

• Halle Berry: At the age of 22, Halle Berry was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. However, the actress follows a healthy lifestyle and it manifests well on-screen with the power pack, action oriented films that she acts on.

• Randy Jackson: Famous judge of the reality show – The American Idol, Randy Jackson was diagnosed with diabetes after experiencing “flu symptoms” which actually turned out to be high blood sugar level. However, his diabetes is reported to be under control after leading a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly.

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• Ayden Byle: The world famous runner, best known in North America, is a well known diabetic who suffers from type 2 diabetes. He has also found a non-profit charity for diabetics. His persistent efforts have made him a well known person in the sporting world, who has learnt to conquer the disease and fight back with more power.

• Billie Jean King: Famous tennis player champion, Bille Jean King reports that anyone can suffer from diabetes, even an athlete. To keep her condition under control, she leads a disciplined life where she exercises regularly, checks her blood sugar report once or twice a day.

• Patti LaBelle: She is the winner of the prestigious Grammy awards, had no clue that she had diabetes, until she passed out on stage in 1994. Now, she has released three cook books that include diabetic friendly recipes.

Celebrities have worked hard in their career, so much so that they have not let the disease get over them. One can certainly take inspiration from the lives of these celebrities who make diabetes such a normal disease. It is because of their disciplined lifestyle, proper conscious efforts made in health that has resulted in giving them a wonderful life. If you are a diabetic, you must check your blood sugar level regularly, and keep exercising regularly, to avoid any further complications which may arise if the blood sugar level is extremely high or low.