Ginger and its health benefits


Ayurveda has claimed to give ginger the virtual status of a medicine for the chest. Ginger has the property of having the digestion friendly properties apart from catering to several other health related benefits. Here are the top 10 benefits of using ginger in your diet, which can help you save from several other diseases.

  • Ginger helps in improving the digestive glands. Eat fresh ginger before lunch and it will help fill up the digestive juices.
  • Ginger helps in the absorption and assimilation of various nutrients in the body. This helps in giving the much required vitamins, proteins and helps in keeping the body healthy and fit.
  • The “Micro circulatory channels” of the body are cleared with the help of Ginger including the pesky sinuses which flares from time to time.
  • If you dip the ginger in honey, you can help clear the risk of airsick or nauseous. This is an extremely healthy practice to avoid the risk of any fatal disease.
  • Ginger helps reduce gas related problems and avoids the risk of a flatulence.
  • Munch on ginger to avoid the problem of frequent groaning and moaning that affects the stomach.
  • Suffering from the problem of joint-pain? Ginger with its anti-inflammatory problem helps reduce the pain of joint related problems. Float ginger essential oil in your bath to help avoid the aching problem of the muscles and the joints.
  • Overcome nausea by chewing ginger post-operation or surgery. It will help recover the system pretty soon.
  • If you are facing problem of nose congestion or sore throat, ginger tea can provide an instant remedy. The tea is tasty and healthy at the same time. Enjoy your ginger tea to live well.
  • Ginger soup can be a good remedy to avoid the problem of bedroom blues.
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These are 10 simple ways of making Ginger. In case, you are wondering how you can use ginger, well here are some of the ways in which you can make healthy products out of ginger.

3 Effective Ways to Use Ginger

  • Ginger and Herb Rice: Cook basmati rice. Quickly stir it in finely chopped ginger, green chilies and fresh cilantro leaves. This formidable combination will leave you wish a dish which is filled with flavor and good fragrance.
  • Ginger in your Juice: Grate and use the ginger root in your juicer, along with apple, carrot and lemon juices. Totally worth it and easy to cook.
  • Gingery Desert: Grate the ginger and use it in a desert on your vanilla panna cotta or strawberry sorbet can help mix the flavor and the result is that of a delicious desert.

There are many ways to use ginger and have it. More than that, it’s important to use the ingredient wisely so that it benefits your body. Ginger will have long lasting impact on your system and inculcate the habit of using it well in your food, deserts , soup items and also tea.




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