Need a flat belly? Here is how you can!

Flat belly/tummy
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Ever wondered what will it takes to get that flat belly with fine abs? A lot of hard work and dedication.

Fat/flab around your belly and thighs not only looks bad, but it also increases the risk of you falling prey to diseases like heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure.

Here is our guide to reduce your belly fat and get that belly you had always dreamed of;

Food : We are all so fond of our daily food that if I asked you to change it, it’s like asking for your happiness J…Nevertheless try these in your daily food intake: Berries, Oatmeal, Beans, Almonds, Lean meats, Whole grains, Peanut butter, Green vegetables, Avocados and ice tea…It will have to be less sugary, greasy.

Drinks that helps: lemon juice with warm water, Unsweetened cranberry juice with water, Ginger tea with lemon and honey these drinks are best to help you reduce belly fats…best of all is water, have lots it to keep yourself lean…It also give you that glowing skin you always wished

Yoga : Yoga not only lets you reduce the belly fat, I t also helps you to distress your body and mind and give you a fresh perspective to look at workouts. Yoga Positions that may help are.

Yoga warrior pose: This helps in tightening your muscles and toning your legs to give you body strength

Yoga Warrior pose
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Yoga cobbler’s pose: This pose is probably the easiest you can get to help you reduce fats

Yoga Cobbler's pose
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Yoga chair pose: This pose helps in burning fats on your belly and toning muscles on your thighs. This pose will need lot of stamina.

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Yoga Chair pose
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Walk/Run:  Probably the easiest way to lose that belly fat is to start walking…30 mind of walk with your family, friends or your phone will get you enough peace of mind and healthy body which none can.

Travel: Yes, you heard it right travel…While it might sound like a stupid idea not to eat your favorite while you holiday or out for business trip :-D…But think about it, when you are traveling you are in your best healthy state of mind…You can spend more time walking around to shop and see new places, click pictures and eating what is best for your health…Travel far and wide, meet new people, find out best diet foods in the locals and enjoy your trip even more!