Friendship is the key to Happiness

Friendship is the key to Happiness

Looking and searching for friendship and happiness is an important essence of living. Happiness must come within and cannot be bought from departmental stores or from supermarkets. You can achieve happiness by many means such as material joy, deep bonds of friendship and the like. To have real and genuine friends in your fold is surely a treasure and best friends are those, who help us in the need of hour.

Friendship is nothing new and it is an old age phenomenon, but still persists even at the present day of technological development. Even today, people give importance to friendship and it cannot be matched with any relationship. A true and real friend of you will have the capacity to read your mind, share your sorrows and celebrate your victories as his/her own. Only mutual understanding, cooperation, sympathy and faithfulness are the key factors of real friendship.

Good friends are more important in day to day life as they hold our sanity. It is also important to maintain friendship and happiness constantly with your friends and for this purpose you have to follow certain principles that are given below.

You must have a sensible approach and remain self conscious. The friends, you select, should understand your principles and feelings and travel with your mind set. In fact, both should have same wave length of thoughts. Moreover, you have to allow your friends to criticize you, when you go wrong, and you must have the mind to accept constructive criticisms of your friends. Similarly, you should not oppose to the views of your friends unnecessarily and avoid arguments that may lead to hamper the friendship. When there is a need, you should not stay away from supporting your friends.

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Remaining happy is not always possible. We are meeting many situations in life, in which some of your beloved relatives die or failure in important examinations and the like. In these situations, you cannot be happy and at this juncture, only friends will provide support to you to lean on. Friends are there to share your sorrow and stand by you on many occasions, when you are in dire straights. True friends are the one, who give you a warm hug of confidence. Further, when you have achieved some thing great and you are in the peak of happiness, the friends will also enjoy with you, as if they have achieved the success by themselves. That is the true and real friendship and happiness.

To feel happy in the present day’s life, you should need good friends for good activity. Some people may say that they remain happy only when they are alone and aloof. Living in isolation will not bring happiness in you and if at all you feel happy, it would be only a temporary phenomenon. All people do not have all good habits and each and every one has his/her own defects and therefore, even a happy man needs a society to share and enjoy.

Friendship is the ultimate key to happiness and to be happy for ever, you have to develop friendship with the people, who are very close to your hearts.