Foods that men should avoid

harmful food for men

It’s not an easy task for men to keep up with good health. They are so busy in the field of their respective profession that looking after the health becomes a secondary option. No sooner that they realize this, they become the victim of some disease or the other. If you are a guy, struggling to be fit and healthy, the first and the foremost thing that you can do is increase your awareness about what to choose or avoid when it comes to good health. So, here are the top 5 food items that every guy must avoid in order to stay healthy and fit.

  • Coffee: Most of us would like to begin our day with a cup of coffee. It is not entirely true that coffee is unhealthy, as it contains antioxidants which are good for the health. But the problem lies with the various ‘unhealthy’ things we add to the coffee. For instance, if you are having a full cup of coffee latte, you are actually adding 400 calories to your daily intake. The beverage contains lots of sugar which is harmful for the health. No harm in having simple homemade coffee but be cautious of other coffee items.
  • Pasta: White Pasta is made up of refined flour that has the unhealthy ingredients which isn’t good for digestion of the stomach. It is also said that White pasta can cause spike in blood pressure and can leave it damaged. Instead, you can try the wholegrain pasta to your regular staple diet.
  • Heated, deep fried fats and oils: Despite enjoying the good taste of the deep fried item, you must know that it contains all the toxic items which are harmful for the body. They increase the cholesterol level and they interfere with the natural oil, resulting in the dangerous mixture of unhealthy food which is dangerous for heart patients.
  • Sandwich Wraps: There are times when the office-going workaholic men skip the meal and prefer to buy a sandwich wrap from the local market. It is not a healthy choice to invest in. Some of the wraps are known to weigh up to 300 calories, before adding the filling. It is filled with meat, mayo and cheese which add to 700 calories, to your daily intake. Most of the wraps are known to be made up of refined flour, which is again unhealthy for the body. So check before you grab a wrap. It can have bad effect on your health.
  • Instant Noodles: It is common of many men to indulge in eating noodles which is easy to make and is also good to taste.They can also be purchased at a cheap price. They offer nothing in return but loads of salts to your body. Eat them sparingly, if the need of eating it arises or else try to avoid them as much as possible.
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These are the top five unhealthy food items which men of all ages and group must avoid to lead a healthy life..


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