Fast and easy ways to reduce Belly Fat – Home Remedies


Belly fat is more than just a nuisance that makes your clothes feel tight. We find it difficult to fit into the clothes we adore so much to wear. Belly fat gives us so many sleepless nights. And we feel so sad seeing so many people having such a good belly and they look so fit and healthy. It is the matter of lifestyle and your diet plan. You just need to do few changes in your daily routine to reduce your belly fat and get into a better shape. People with excess belly fat are at an increased risk, even if they look thin on the outside.

So, let’s help you out by providing you with effective and easy tips which you can inculcate in your routine and get a perfect figure.


1. Get enough sleep – most important and easy one

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Getting 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary for your body. Surfing on the internet late night, chatting on WhatsApp all night long with your besties, you need to change this habit. We don’t get enough sleep due to social media usage and then in morning we feel lazy and tires due to less sleep. This also leads to more eating but feel less satisfied. Try going to bed a little earlier than usual to avoid this imbalance and remember to remove any distractions that might prevent you from dozing off.

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2. Start running Everyday – Never stop moving

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Running is very important to burn fat. The first thing to do in morning after getting out of your bed put on your shoes, go out and start running. Don’t’ give up on exercise easily. Set an aim to run for at least 30-45 minutes every day. Make a plan of three-week running challenge and follow it with determination. You will observe changes within the first week.


You can add various other strategies with your running too like:

  • Cardio exercise
  • 10,000 steps
  • Strength training
  • Know your calorie target
  • Check nutrition labels carefully
  • Maintain a Food Diary


3. Become a green tea lover

Green tea
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You’ve perhaps heard a lot about the health aids of drinking tea, particularly the benefits of green tea, measured by many to be the ultimate “anti-aging beverage.” Green tea helps in reducing belly fat, you just need to sip the combination of steeped green tea leaves, jasmine flowers and a bit of turmeric twice a day.



Amid many other aids of green tea, underneath is more about some of the main benefits related to drinking green tea:


  • Helps Protect Heart Health
  • May Help Prevent Alzheimer’s or Memory Loss
  • Helps Protect Brain Cells from Free Radical Damage
  • May Help Prevent Diabetes or Insulin Resistance
  • Promotes Bone Health
  • Prevents Eye Disease and Protects Vision


4. Drink more & more water every day – stay hydrated 

drink water
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Consumption of eight glasses of water each day aids your digestion, reduces bloating, and keeps your metabolism functioning at its best. Plus, substituting your sugary food and drink with water all over the day is a speedy fix to cut your daily caloric intake, which leads to overall weight loss and a fitter belly. Add a squish of lemon or lime to make a bland glass of water more stirring, and you’ll be well on your way to a slimmer tummy.

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5. Don’t take stress – Just be relaxed 

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With a new set of everyday jobs, you might feel overwhelmed but try to avoid strain. Stay positive and happy. Stress makes the body release the stress hormone – cortisol, which induces, hunger, tiredness, and ultimately weight gain. Try to get as much sleep as you can, as it helps the body to revitalize and also burns calories! Practice breathing techniques to eliminate stress. Also, take short breaks for like 20 minutes while working. Don’t work continuously without any gaps. It is very essential to take small breaks to relax and release stress. This will be helpful for those who have a very hectic work schedule and have long working hours also.


6. Eat healthy food – Avoid Junk food

Eat healthy
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Eating healthily food and snacks is the best way to lose belly fat. Weight loss is 70% diet after all.

If you are starving, snack on wholesome foods such as fruits and vegetables. Apples, carrot sticks with hummus, bananas, and grapes are all great snacks. Consuming this kind of snacks will be full of nutrients too that can help prevent cravings for junk food.


Also, you need to take care of these steps:

Cut down on sugar: Sugar contains no nutrients; it just provides empty calories that your body doesn’t use. It causes blood sugar rushes and insulin spikes. Try to cut down on baked goods and heavily processed cereals that contain lots of sugar.

Eat whole foods: Eating whole foods is the easiest way to lose weight. Whole foods are natural, filling, and low in calories. They are full of vitamins and minerals, and fiber which keeps you full and helps you lose weight.

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Pack your diet with good fats: We all need fat in our diet, but the source of fat is very important. Choose fats from sources such as avocado, nuts and seeds, and coconut oil.

Eat more vitamin C: Consuming more vitamin C can help with weight loss. Drink orange juice, or eat fresh circuses such as oranges, clementines, and grapefruits every day.

Don’t skip meals: Skipping meals will only set you up for failure. Starving your body and depriving it of food will make it hungry, and make you more likely to binge on unhealthy food later on.

Don’t eat before bed: Try eating at least 3-4 hours before bedtime so your body has time to digest what you eat.


All of the steps to reduce belly fat can be done in the comfort of your home, but when you are ready to step outside, you’ll be fit, healthier, and more active.