Experience True Happiness by Watching some Top Movies #list

Experience True Happiness by Watching some Top Movies list
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Do you think that watching movies will make us really happy? It all depends upon the mood of the individuals and some may feel happy by watching horror movies or comedy movies or adventurous films or love stories or other types of films. In general, there are some movies, which are all time great and which will bring happiness in you as and when you watch them.


Films that make you Happy: The following is a collection of films that may make you feel happy by watching them. Some of them may be controversial choices and some of them may lift your spirit with varying degrees through their characters, stories and other factors. There are tragedy films, comedy films, horror films, romantic films and the like and people have different tastes and they will plunge into happiness, when they watch the movies of their tastes.


Little Miss Sunshine: This film is a vibrant and funny film with wonderful characters and fantastic performances. The story deals with a journey in search of humanity and humanness along the way. This is definitely a film that will make you happy while watching.


Modern Times: Charlie Chaplin had acted in this film and you are aware that he was a genius actor and this is one of the entertaining films presented by him. In this film, Charlie Chaplin navigates the huge metallic cogs of a factory machine and he had performed with his exemplary talents and definitely, people will feel happy by watching this film.



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Groundhog Day: This is one of the finest comedy pictures released during 1990s and the audience were satisfied that this film is the best for quick-fix cheer up. Bill Murray was brilliant in portraying as a grumpy weatherman and Phil Connors had to live the same life day after day. Each day, he looks for his errors and begins to have a helpful influence on the lives of those, whom he comes across each day. This is an enjoyable film that brings happiness into the audience.


Finding Nemo: This is a film that deals with clown fish’s adventurous trip across the ocean to find his son. It is a story that deals with friendship and loyalty against the backdrop of scintillating computer generated ocean.

Life is Beautiful: This is a wonderful story that deals with the human spirit. It is all about the importance of human life in the midst of incidents of destruction due to war.

E.T: The Extra Terrestrial: This film deals with the two lost and innocent children, one a human and the other an alien. They fall in friendship and set for adventures in Californian suburbs. After watching this film, you will be happily weeping with tears, as you will be involved in the magical journey.

Sound of Music:This is one among the greatest musical films that were never made in the film history. The “Sound of Music” stands one among the most lovable and entertaining films made about World War-II. People will definitely enjoy this film and attain happiness.

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