Evaluating The Risks Associated With Statins

Risk associated with statins
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The use of statins for reducing cholesterol levels has been a topic of debate from quite sometime. There’ve been some studies suggesting that usage of statins like Zocor, Crestor and Lipitor may increase the risk of cataracts. In month of June there was a study published in Diabetes Care journal that linked the regular usage of statins with diabetes.

Now a few days ago another study published in the December issue of Canadian Journal of Cardiology once again suggests that usage of statins may reduce the risk of heart attack and strokes, but increases that of cataracts by 27%. In this article we’ll try to evaluate the risks associated with this drug by shedding some light on the concerns being raised as a part of this debate.
Well, first of all I would like to tell you that despite the endless debate and several researches there’s absolutely nothing to prove that statins cause cataracts or diabetes. The most recent study published in Canadian Journal was conducted by analyzing the data of Columbia Ministry’s health database.

The data analyzed was from a time span of 2000 to 2007. Researchers looked at data of 207,000 adults who developed cataracts and 1.1 million adults who didn’t develop cataracts to reach on any conclusion. After analysis, it was found that those who took statins were 27% more at the risk of developing cataracts. However, nothing could be found to declare statins as the cause of developing cataracts. So this study, like most others, couldn’t prove that statins cause cataracts.
But on the other side, the benefits of statins are proven and it’s an unarguablyaccepted fact that statins reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke by reducing cholesterol levels. According to doctors, the risk of you developing cataracts in your life is 100%, even if you don’t ever take statins.

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The primary goal of a doctor remains to keep you alive long enough to develop one. It’s not a major point of concern and cataracts are easily diagnosed by a painless surgery that has a success rate of 99.9%. So cataracts aren’t a major issue.

The major issues are heart attacks and strokes, which may often be life-threatening and may not leave you alive long enough to develop cataracts. Thankfully, statins help a lot in reducing their risk.In fact, the studies conducted on these topics themselves conclude in the end that benefits associated with statins far outweigh the risks associated with it.

So finally I would like to say that you should continue your usage of statins without any concerns if they’ve been advised by your doctor.