End A Relationship and Not Your Life  

End A Relationship and Not Your Life   

You are the lucky one to have a human life. Not everyone is fortunate enough to get such golden chance. Life is too short to enclose regrets. Don’t let your graceful life lose its charm just because a stupid relationship could not work out. Some relationships are meant to be shredded. It is not a child’s play to end up a relation. Putting a relation to an end gets you to put all your dreams, shared commitments and love to an end. It does start with a sense of ecstasy but sooner the charm falls when things do not take a right path. Triggered by a difficult relationship or a depressed breakup, many people attempt to end their precious lives inquisitively. If you are hog-tied to cope up with such stringy relationship, it is better to end that relationship and not your life.

Is your partner unfit for you?

Is your partner not letting you live on your terms and conditions?

Is your partner hurting you every now and then?

Gather some courage and mark a division between you and your partner until its too late.

How To Walk Away From A Relationship?

Without encountering any scene, if you want to settle down everything and make a clean break up. Here are few strategies you can adhere to.

  • With all your courage in your heart, let your partner know the fact that it is not working anymore between you two. Take a deep breath and speak out everything that you wanting to share ever since the problems have evolved. Don’t let your inner self be swayed away with emotions. Be firm in your decision.
  • Don’t show any sympathy after stating your decision, as it will raise a ray of hope in them that you are still in a close proximity with their hearts and can come back. It is better to stay neutral so that your partner does not realize the uproar going inside you.
  • Exchange non-emotional conversation. If your partner endeavors to talk emotional and romantic, cut the conversation in between and start afresh with some other topic. Don’t let your partner speak something that might be sensitive to your heart.
  • If you are too emotional to handle this situation all by yourself, then seek advice of third party. Let a friend or relative help you get out of this turmoil.
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Before you step in to do anything from the above-mentioned steps, you need to prepare yourself wholeheartedly for break up. Get your emotions straight and clear about getting to one side. Most importantly, be spontaneous in whatever you do.