Ebola virus… The new scare… All that you need to know.

The Ebola Virus
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Ebola is a life-threatening virus which causes bleeding inside and outside the body. The virus rapidly spreads inside the body and it ultimately damages the organ and the immune system of the body. The result is that it stops the blood clotting cells to drop which leads to severe and uncontrollable bleeding. The disease can kill upto 90% of people who are infected with it.

Know the Symptoms of Ebola

Before it’s too late, study and take a note of the arising symptoms of Ebola. It can happen to anyone as the deadly virus is subjected to infect from one person to another. Ebola can feel like a flu or any other illness. Symptoms can be tapped in 2 to 21 days after the infection has taken place in the body.

Headache, High Fever,Soar throat, Weakness, Pain in Muscles and Joints, Lack of appetite, Stomach pain are some of the commonly associated symptoms of the deadly disease.

As the disease worsens, it causes bleeding inside the body as well as from other parts such as eyes,ears,nose. Some people may omit or cough up blood,have bloody diarrhea and get a rash.

How is Ebola Diagnosed?

It is difficult to conclude if the person has Ebola or not. The symptoms are fairly common, which could also indicate the possibility of having another disease. Doctors may rule out other disease such as malaria or cholera.

However, proper blood test results can diagnose Ebola.

If you have Ebola, you are completely isolated from the public to prevent the disease from spreading to other individuals.

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How can the disease be treated?

As of now, there’s no proper treatment for Ebola. Patients are isolated and kept under the supervision of health care workers.

Under this treatment, the patients are hydrated, their oxygen status, blood pressure is checked routinely to avoid any further complication in the infection.

There have been cases where healthcare workers have also acquired the disease from the patients. The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued guidelines to deal with the suspected cases of the virus.

What drug can you use to combat the disease?

An experimental drug called ZMapp was given to two American missionary workers and it has reportedly saved their lives. However, it is not officially used by anyone at present.

There are numerous experimental drugs that you can try but the risk is always involved in using them.

How can the Ebola virus spread?

The deadly disease is known to spread through human and animal contract (those who are already infected with the virus).

As it is a viral disease, it can be acquired by anyone.

The disease is known to spread in many parts of the world. Best precaution measure to undertake would be to keep an ongoing track of the possibility of the disease in your city or state through news reports. After knowing about it, take proper precautionary measure to avoid any contact with the deadly virus.



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