Current COVID-19 scenario in India


India: Biggest single-day spike in coronavirus cases

Image source: Anadolu Agency

India sees a continuous hike in COVID-19 positivity rates. Coronavirus cases are increasing at a high pace in India. Despite strict regulations regarding social distancing and preventive guidelines, the number of positive cases of COVID-19 remains to increase on a daily basis. As reported by WHO on October 6, 2020, the total number of identified cases in India reached a count of 6,685,082, making India the second most affected country by the virus.

Rise of COVID-19 cases in India

From the very beginning Indian Government had regulated certain rules appealing countrymen to follow the preventive measures in order to rein the spread of the virus. However, improper communication of rules lead to a massive increase in the number of positive cases. To stop the motion of this virus among people, the government came up with the idea of Lockdown. But, the lenient planning and implementation of the lockdown worsened the scenario, in the month of April, the covid cases reached 13000 and the country constantly witnessed a spike in the numbers. In July 2020, India recorded 1 million positive cases. Within one month the number doubled itself leaving people concerned. The tally crossed 4 million cases as recorded in September.

Most prone states in India

Maharashtra has been the most affected state, due to its large working population. The state is contributing 21.9% of the total cases in India. Andhra Pradesh with 10.9% of the total cases. Following them, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Uttar Pradesh are the riskier regions of the country.

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Government’s take on the issue

While the country continues to document daily increments in positive cases, the Government’s focus is more on the recovery data. Recent information released by the Health Ministry Of India, states that 85% of the cases recovered i.e, 57,44,693 out of total have been cured from the virus. The Government also stated that India has successfully maintained one of the lowest cases death rates when compared to other severely affected countries across the globe. The global CFR is currently recorded as 2.97% while the figure in India is spotted as 1.56%, leaving people less worried.

According to sources, it is predicted that the country may witness a severe rise in the number of covid positive cases by the month of November due to festivals. Concerned about which Government is taking preventive measure to restrict social gatherings and urging people to avoid commuting to curb the rising Covid positive cases

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