Coriander and Lemon soup #HealthyFoodRecipes @guestposts

Coriander and Lemon soup #HealthyFoodRecipes @guestposts

Coriander and lemon soup is a perfect combination of a soup of people who want to have some veggies with some tangy taste in it. This soup is something different for consumption and a definite must for soup lovers. Coriander definitely is a best cooling agent for the body and keeps the body clean and helps in removing the toxins in the body.
• Fresh Coriander leaves(2-3 tablespoon finely chopped)
• Onions(chopped)
• Spring onion(1 chopped)
• Garlic(3-4 cloves)
• Ginger(1 inch )
• Black pepper(powdered)
• Salt
• Lemon juice(1 medium lemons)
• Gram flour(besan)
• Cabbage chopped
• Vegetable stock(4 cups)
• Oil(1 tbsp)

Method: Keep the sticks of coriander leaves. In the pan take every little oil and add coriander leaves,spiring onions,onions,cabbage,ginger garlic and allow it to sauté well till transparent. Now add some gram flour to it and sauté it well till golden brown and nice aroma of besan comes out. Add vegetable stock to this and allow it boil well. You can now add salt also to taste. To this you may also add coriander stems that you had preserved earlier. Make sure that this stem is washed well. Allow this mixture to boil very well for at least ten to fifteen minutes as much that coriander aroma is spread across now.

Now strain the mixture and keep aside the cooked vegetables and heat the strained part of the soup and add lemon to this mixture and allow it to boil. Add some pepper powder for the spice. The strained vegetables can be grinded well in grinder and add them in the boiling mixture. Your soup is ready to serve with fresh coriander again used for garnishing. This is again a fresh form of soup that can be consumed daily for toxification.

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As everyone knows lemon is equally healthy and it is a rich source of vitamin C which is quite required for the body.Corinader is again rich in Vitamin K and Vitamin C, hence this is recommended to be added in everyday diet by dieticians. Infact one of the biggest benefits of coriander is in cholesterol. It helps in eliminating the bad cholesterol and adds on the good cholesterol in the body that eventually help the heart patients to cure faster who majorly suffer from cholesterol problems. Have a daily consumption of this coup for a month’s time and you will definitely see the difference in your health.