Controversy: Global food retailers selling JUNK food with Real JUNK!!


If you are thinking of ordering the junk food to relish your taste buds, you must think twice before doing so. Here’s more on the top 5 situations where top food delivery companies have disappointed the consumers.

A pizza delivery boy of Domino's is about to move with garbage in the box of his bike at Domino's Warje outlet in Pune situated at Mumbai Bangalore Highway
Pics/Udit Sathaye
  • Domino’s Pizza delivery boy story: According to the recent reports, a 23 year old man from Pune exposed the ill-practice of a boy riding on a bike stuffed with garbage bags inside a delivery box. Udit Sathaye exposed the incident by taking pictures and uploading them on Twitter. When Udit asked the Pizza delivery guy about the reason why he was carrying the garbage, the man unloaded the bags and began apologizing to him. This incident has questioned the credibility of the home delivery services which are commonly practiced by the major food producing companies.
  • Chrissy Haley, found a rat inside her salad ordered from McDonald’s: This happened in the United States when Chrissy Haley, a resident of Southlake, found dead rat in her salad after ordering it. According to the reports, she found the dead rat under a large lettuce leaf in a shared salad. Mc Donald did not even respond to the serious incident which happened in the year of 2006. The company also refused to cooperate during the course of the law suit, issued in September 2007.
  • Coke and Pepsi’s controversial “flame retardant” ingredient:   Top beverage companies like Coke and Pepsi landed themselves in a controversy when a teenage girl demanded for the removal of the harmful flame retardant chemical used in the beverage. This happened in New York where the company became the center of attention which also questioned the legitimacy of the beverage company’s quality offered to the consumers all over the world.
  • KFC’s controversy of serving “fake chickens” to consumers: During a recent study conducted at the University of New Hampshire, they found some shocking results. According to the reports, the company uses genetically manipulated organisms to serve the consumers. After this story, it would be really difficult to go and enjoy the food in KFC which was known for its chicken products.
  • Pig DNA found in Cadbury: This happened in Malaysia where the Pig’s DNA was found in the halal certified chocolate which was spread beyond Cadbury. After this news spread all over the world, consumers and Muslim traders started rejecting the famous chocolate item. Cadbury too had pulled the contaminated batches of chocolates after it was declared by the Health Ministry that the chocolate contains the Pig’s DNA.
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Time and again, we must realize that we should inquire into our eating habits. Fast food and Junk food are prepared by machines and there have been lots of controversies where the quality of food making is lost, in its effort to breed maximum sales in little time by giving food made up of degraded quality. It’s high time that we become aware in choosing the right kind of food for order and delivery.


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