Common Digestive Problems And How To Treat Them


Every 5 out of 10 people are prey to at least one digestive issue. Digestive health poor implies a welcome to so many health problems. A large ratio of people are facing digestive problems and occurrence of this is mainly because of the poor lifestyle, stress and the consumption of junk foods. The most common digestive complaints are generally constipation, indigestion, bloating, heartburn, ulcers, gastroenteritis etc. When you take a step ahead in improving your lifestyle, you are a foot ahead in fighting against the issues.

Here are the treatments to commonly occurring digestive problems:


Constipation occurs when a person faces difficulty in emptying the large bowel. It sometimes needs medical attention and sometimes it gets cured by a few home remedies. The people who poop less than 3 days a week has constipation. It may result in blockage of the large intestine. Intaking fibre diet, drinking sufficient water, physical activities may help you to get out of the problem. But if the constipation problem is serious consult a doctor.


Heartburn involves a burning sensation rising up from the center of the abdomen into the chest followed by a sour taste in the mouth. This may raise more if you keep consuming spicy or acidic foods. Mixing baking soda with water and drinking it, sipping diluted apple cider vinegar after a meal might help as well. As a precaution avoid cigarette smoke completely. Try antacids, H2 blockers and PPIs too.

Peptic ulcers

Peptic ulcers, you might discover this after consuming a lot of pain killers thinking it as some kind of small infection. Never consume aspirin if you’ve ulcers, this might worsen it more. They are found in the lining of the stomach , caused as a result of inflammation by bacteria. The cause behind this issue is smoking, drinking too much alcohol, any kind of radiation therapy and many more. See a doctor when you observe a change in appetite, nausea, bloody stools or vomiting.

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Bloating is really painful and the causes are majorly water retention and some infection. It’s not so harmful, can be avoided in a day or two. The food you consume is clearly shown by the digestive issues you face. Gas can cause bloating. The home treatment for bloating is drinking water, eating peppermint, taking a laxative to relieve constipation or applying a heating pad to stomach.

The diet you have is responsible for the health problems you face. So intake good food to stay out of illness.

Thanks for reading. Hope you found this article helpful.

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