Bring Some Benefit to Your Body With Proper Push-Up Techniques

Push Ups
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There is no need for gym or any particular type of equipment, space or weather condition to be able to perform good, old push-ups. All you need is yourself and your body to do the exercises, as well as some willingness, and the picture of what you want to do with your body in your mind.

There’re several benefits associated with this amazing exercise. Some major ones are given below:
• When you do push-ups, you activate the muscles of your biceps and triceps. After that you start empowering them, building them and strengthening them, all along giving them endurance with more sets of repetitions you do.
• Wide arm push-ups target your shoulder area and chest area as well. By targeting your shoulders, push-ups strengthen the most important joint of the shoulder area called glenohumeral joint which joins that bone to the shoulder blade also known as scapula. This reduces any possibilities of injuries in that joint.
• Push-ups also affect torso and back muscles like sternocleidomastoid muscle and serratus anterior muscles, which are very difficult to target by any other type of exercise.
• Other muscles that become strong as a result of push-ups include ones that are found in pectoralis area, phomboid muscles, trapezius,deltoid muscles and in the end latissimus dorsi set of muscles.

But for strengthening all those muscles without injuring your arms or legs you need to ensure that you are doing push-ups properly. Therefore, the first thing advised regarding push-ups is proper position, which requires following two things:
1. The line from your head to the top of your sole should be as straight as an arrow. This position provides stability to your legs, pelvic area and torso.
2. Regarding the position of hands, the technique which many consider proper involves hands spread wider than the shoulder line with straight elbows. However, I would like to tell you that it’s WRONG position at its best, which may cause instability, fatigue or even injuries. In contrast, your hands should be closer to your chest, just a slightly wider than the shoulder area and elbows should be bent to 45 degrees. Once you position your body like that, you can start doing push-ups slowly.

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