Have blood pressure disorder?…What you must and should not eat

Have blood pressure disorder?...What you must and should not eat

The main cause of blood pressure is way of living and the horrible eating habits. Eating lots of foods that contain fat and lack of exercise is also one of the main causes of high blood pressure.

Salty and oily food thickens the blood. Thick blood finds it very difficult to pass through the blood vessels. Fats along with cholesterol in the food, gets accumulated in the arterial blood vessels which leaves a thin passage with the flowing of blood. This forces the heart to put a lot of pressure through the entire body.
Blood pressure is known as a silent disorder. It never shows any symptoms or signs. The person suffering from blood pressure comes to know only when he/she is checked carefully by the physician. If your pressure rises and drops then your heart is striving hard to pump the blood to your body.

If this continues to happen many organs will soon get damaged and irreparable. Hence, see to it that your blood pressure is at a regular rate and you don’t have to worry or be hypertensed about it. To lessen your stress levels try breathing exercises.

To maintain a normal blood pressure reading, a high blood pressure diet should be followed. You must exercise daily and remain positive about your readings. The effects of blood pressure should never change the way you look at your life.

You can plan and prepare your own diet regime and follow it. Nothing is like taking the responsibility of your own self.

The diet should include all these elements:
1) Foods that are low in sodium: Even when people think that they are buying healthy foods they actually are not. If you are planning to eat some wild rice with a packet of seasoning in it, throw it away. It’s low in cholesterol, fats, its high in proteins and carbohydrates. But, it’s still has a lot of sodium content in it.
Throw the salt shaker away. Use some salt substitutes, herbs and spices. There is lot many ways to make your meal interesting.Stop buying fruits and vegetables with labels or which are tinned. They are good for you. Throw that salt container out of the window. NOW!

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2) Foods that are low in saturated and trans fats: Opt for low-fat dairy products. Choose the leanest meats that you can purchase. Concentrate on no-label foods.

Your blood pressure need to be taken care of in a very proper way. Follow a healthy diet and drink a lot of water. Water metabolizes the fats in the body and prevents them from accumulating in your body.

You can control the high blood pressure naturally! You have to take the right decisions and make the right choices when you eat. Compromise the salt. It would take a bit of time. But, cut down on dairy products. Stay fit, stay healthy! Till then happy health!