Bidding Goodbye to Office-Fat


With the onset of the corporate culture, the 9-5 office hour came to be defined not by the erstwhile benchmark of how many hours have been spent slogging, sweating, running and consequently panting at the end of it, but the amount of hours one spends sitting at their desk, hunched over paperwork or tapping away without a care on a keyboard. The more office hours you put in the more benefits you reap but indirectly it comes at a price. This can be countered with the help of a few handy exercises and habits.Weight loss ideas for office

  • Walk as much as you can: Walking has more to it than given credit for. Not only does it burn your calorie but it also reinvigorates blood circulation in your legs post prolonged hours of sitting at the desk. Take the flight of stairs instead of the elevator, walk over to your colleagues instead of posting e-memos. Maybe walking does not sound as rigorous and motivating as a power work out but it helps in every little way it is employed, in burning calories.
  • Avoid sugary, aerated drinks and junk food: Binging on junk food is somewhat of a ritual if you have hectic work hours and a tight schedule to go with it. Substituting full meals with junk food may save time and taste better in your mouth, but that is where the pros stop. Not only does it topple the balance of your diet but it also leaves out essential nutrients out of your diet. The aerated, sugary drinks always lend a hand at rounding off that pot belly better than you think. Sticking to water, limiting sugar intake in drinks, and seating for proper meals should correct that.
  • Break into sweat more often: The corporate life may come with a swanky air conditioned office facility but sometimes not having comfort at everything is the way to go. Incorporate exercises into your routine: walk that extra block and go to that far away eatery for lunch, carry the water cooler containers yourself when they need to be replaced, lend the staff a hand at lifting boxes. Again, these might seem negligible but they go a long way to help you curb fat and it does not cost you to be nice to your staff either. Win-win!
  • Park your car further: Storeyed parking facilities may have more than just the few boilerplate utilities. Park your car further away from your source so that it takes you longer to walk towards your destination. The walk should add a nice finishing touch to your office exercises.
  • Jogging: Not essentially an in-office exercise, jogging helps you cut away most of the fat. It helps to jog both before and after office, re-establishing the proper functioning of your legs after an entire day of sitting at a desk.
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The lack of proper exercise, unbalanced diet, improper lumbar support, among a ton of other reasons, work in unison towards having an unappealing and health risk inducing effect on your body.