Best Yoga Asanas For Diabetic Patients


Yoga can do more than just calm your body, especially if you have diabetes. Daily exercise may also help lower the risk of other diabetes complications, such as heart disease. Can Yoga Cure Diabetes! Yes, you heard it right, you can control diabetes by doing various yoga exercises like meditation, asana, pranayama, a good diet, and related activities. Yoga will do wonders to lower your blood sugar levels. Some poses can help lower levels of blood pressure and blood sugar while also improving circulation, leading many experts to recommend diabetes management yoga.

Regularity & continuity build-up for sterling outcomes with yogic practices.

So here are few yoga asanas for diabetic patients:

1)Trikonasana, Also known as (triangle pose)

This yoga asana helps with the adverse impact of diabetes on the kidneys, which is a big risk for any diabetic patient. And thus leads to improved digestion and absorption in the body.

2) SuptaMatsyendrasana, Also known as (Lying-down body twist)

The shifting Lying-down body massages the internal organs and increases digestion.

This pose also exerts pressure on the abdominal organs and is hence a very effective yoga pose for diabetes sufferers.

3) Matsyasana, Also known as (fish pose)

This asana helps tone the abdominal organs properly along with the pancreas by stretching the abdominal muscles. This asana helps to overcome diabetes when performed with controlled breathing.

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4) Dhanurasana, Also known as (Bow pose)

The Bow pose fortifies controls the pancreas and is strongly recommended for diabetes users. This yoga pose also strengthens the abdominal muscles and is a good trigger for stress and fatigue.

5) Shalabhasana, Also known as(Grasshopper/Locust pose)

Even Shalabhasana Yoga Asanas for Diabetes helps to regulate blood sugar levels. This asana is very helpful in diabetic care as it moves abdominal organs, strengthens muscles in the leg and back, and helps alleviate tension.

6) Shavasana, Also known as (corpse pose)

Corpse pose, the final resting yoga pose, takes the body into a deep meditative state allowing it to relax and rejuvenate.

6)Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is an extremely effective yoga exercise for patients with diabetes, as it helps increase blood supply in the pancreas and increases insulin use in the body. When performed at a slow pace (at least six rounds a minute), Suryanamaskar works best to provide significant benefits to you.

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